Wormwood - and its uses against worms and parasites

use wormwood to get rid of parasites
Effective Wormwood capsules
Parasites and worms are common and they can infest various parts of the body including the stomach, intestines and colon.

Wormwood has been used for hundreds of years as a natural treatment against these invaders.

It is also commonly used with Black Walnut Hull extract and Clove to form a complete natural anti parasite course.

We now have available a complete kit which includes these three herbs and this works out cheaper than buying the ingredients separately.

You can see a picture of the complete kit below as well as more information about wormwood and parasites. If you need further information please contact us.

The Complete Anti Parasite Kit
wormwood, clove and black walnut herb kit
(The kit also comes with full instructions.)

Wormwood information and uses

The following article has more data on wormwood and how it can be used to help kill off the adult and larval stages of parasites.

Background information

Fresh Wormwood
is gently milled
Wormwood is one of the bitterest herb known, but it is very wholesome and used to be in much demand by brewers for use instead of hops.

This bitterness is one of the key reasons for its success as it can literally drive out some of the worms and parasites. At the very least it makes it unpleasant for these critters to live as they would prefer.

(Incidentally you won't notice this bitter taste, as the herb is taken in a capsule).

The leaves of wormwood seem to resist rotting and decomposition and because of this have been used in various health formulations down through the ages.

Kills worms and other parasites

It has been used throughout history as a vermifuge.

(Oxford dictionary definition:- a vermifuge is a substance able to destroy or expel intestinal worms).

Wormwood is also highly valued, especially for its tonic effect on the liver, gallbladder and digestive system.

It increases stomach acid naturally, improving digestion and the absorption of nutrients. It also eases wind and bloating and, if taken regularly, can help the body return to full vitality after a prolonged illness.

Increases bile production

Wormwood has been shown to help increase bile production in the body and more than one theory suggests that it is this increased bile production as well as the herb itself which helps eliminate some worms.

The Common Wormwood held a high reputation in medicine among various ancient civilisations. According to the Ancients, Wormwood counteracted the effects of poisoning by hemlock, toadstools and the biting of the seadragon.

Only kills harmful parasites

Please do not confuse these harmful parasites with normal healthy bacteria called "Intestinal Flora". These good bacteria help to digest food and eliminate waste. They are in fact a very necessary part of the human digestive system.

Many modern processed foods, drugs, chlorinated water and chemicals can kill off many of these good bacteria. As well as upsetting the digestive balance, this can allow parasites to thrive in the absence of normal intestinal flora.

Maintain a healthy diet

Whilst on a parasite cleanse, the more healthy your diet the better. In truth the same applies after as well. Try to eat a diet with lots of fresh vegetables, particularly greens, carrots and other root vegetables. Our special formulation of Superfood is also particularly effective.

(Wormwood occasionally gets a bad reputation mainly caused by confusion over the fact that an alcoholic drink used to be made from parts of the wormwood plant called absinthe. This was often abused as it can be very strong and even led to a ban on some absinthe type drinks. This has since been cancelled.)

This does not alter the effectiveness of the herb for helping to eliminate parasites.

Please Note:- Wormwood should not be used by small children or pregnant women.

Parasite article

Here is a another useful article which goes into more details about parasites, their life cycle and their symptoms:


We suggest you do a colon and intestinal cleanse either before or after an anti-parasite program. Click here for details of our detox programs.

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