The following article gives information about insomnia and sleeping disorders.

The majority of people with sleeping disorders can overcome this difficulty. Lack of good sound sleep can greatly affect the quality of life itself.

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Do you sometimes suffer from lack of sleep?

Many people suffer from sleeping disorders. Whether unable to fall asleep or to stay asleep and enjoy uninterrupted sleep, insomnia can be disruptive to a healthy life. Insomnia is difficult to define because everyone has different sleep requirements.

Ageing can bring with it sleeplessness. Emotional stress, worry or exhaustion can also contribute to an inability to get a good nights rest. Then there are also the physical aspects: excess caffeine, alcohol and drugs, pain, food allergies, sleeping in a stuffy room, all are factors which should be looked at as possible reasons for sleep problems.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm was seen in ancient times as the ultimate remedy for a troubled nervous system, today it is known as both a sedative and stomach soother. The sedative action is attributed largely to a group of chemicals in the plant called terpenes. These occur in lemon balm in a unique combination that has earned the plant its reputation. It can also be given to relieve anxiety and nervous tension. It is a very good herb to counteract sleep problems.

Stress and worry

As mentioned above, stress can play a part in insomnia. Valepotriates, the active ingredients of valerian root, have been shown to calm the central nervous system acting as a natural sedative. A natural stress reliever. In the United Kingdom, there are more than 80 over-the-counter sleep aids containing valerian. Why? Because it works!! Researchers conclude that the sedative effect of valerian comes from the actions of its many different constituents working in harmony with each other. Unlike other prescription medications, valerian is not considered habit forming.

It is worth realising as the names are similar and may lead to misconception, that Valium is not in any way derived from valerian and there is no connection between the two.

Camomile tea is well known for its relaxing, sleep-inducing properties that help to alleviate insomnia, headaches and anxiety. It has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to calm and soothe. It was however only recently that studies proved apigenin to be one of the effective sedative compounds present in camomile.

Another way that stress can often be relieved is by taking a specially formulated combination of calcium and magnesium. This helps to relax the body and so aids restful sleep.

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