Intestinal Problems - An intestinal cleanse could be the answer!

The following article gives information about the intestines and bowels and their importance to proper body function.

The intestines are hidden under the wall of muscle in our abdomens. We don't usually give it much thought, but our digestive tract, which is mainly made up of the stomach, intestines and colon are very important to a healthy body.

It is where the food is broken down into various different stages and the nutrients eventually get absorbed into the bloodstream, where they are taken to the cells of the body. The nutrients are used to repair, grow and offer up energy to the cells. In turn, the cells help to convert some of the energy to help carry out all the functions of the body and so give us the physical energy to live our lives.

When this runs smoothly it is an amazing example of the wonders of nature.

Eliminate that bloated, lethargic feeling

However, it can at times have periods where it doesn't work as well as we like. We can feel bloated, lethargic or feel something isn't quite right and start to lose energy and desire for life. This can be short term or long term.

If this situation becomes long term then more severe problems can result. It can become a struggle to digest foods properly. We may more easily put weight on and start to develop fat on our gut and internally around the organs. Eventually, this can lead to obesity and other problems can develop.

strong defences like a castle

Maintain good intestine and colon health to help fight off problems

Colon and intestinal cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the western world. Without a doubt, one of the main reasons for this increase is the poor quality, unhealthy diet found in most western countries. Over time, too much junk food can create problems in otherwise healthy people. Large numbers of man-made chemicals in food often leads to the build up of toxins in our bodies. Just imagine, each time food is consumed, your body (intestine and colon) is working incredibly hard to do its job of breaking down the food and extracting useful nutrition from it. Eating too much junk makes this process a whole lot more difficult. It is no surprise that a great place for parasites to live in the body is inside a poorly operating digestive tract. Badly digested food can leads to putrid deposits being left in tissue channels and walls of the intestine. These can become fertile areas for bad bacteria and parasites to live in and go through their life cycles.

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Intestine function and detoxification

So, you can see that a healthy digestive system is essential for a healthy body. The reasons for this are quite simple, and are demonstrated by the simple car analogy.

Think of your body as a car. For the car to run, fuel is required on a daily basis. Without fuel your car would just not run.

If you used cheap low-quality fuel, your car's engine, pipes, valves and systems would eventually deteriorate. This would cause the car to not run at all or to run poorly. In some ways, the same can be said of your body.

Treat the body well, give it good fuel, maintain it, and it will give you years of happy service.

This is why we developed our intestinal and colon cleansing programs over several years. During our consultations and research we came to understand the importance of excellent digestive health and we were not happy with what was available for our clients. This was over 15 years ago and since then we have gone on to develop one of the most effective and simple cleanses available today.

detox 1 and 2 formulas We provide simple to follow instructions which are be tailored to your own individual requirements and circumstances. As well as this we are available to help guide people through this easy process to better digestive health.

All products are organic or wild -harvested and contain numerous ingredients carefully blended for excellent results.

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Your body needs good food.

The main fuel of the body comes from the food you eat. (Some comes from energy reserves already stored). More accurately, your fuel comes from food that is properly broken down and absorbed by the body. If your digestive system is clogged, slow and not functioning properly you will not digest and absorb as many of the nutrients that are needed for the optimum running of your body. This would actually impact on EVERY organ in your entire body. All of the energy that you need to function is obtained from one source, THE FOOD YOUR BODY ABSORBS. (Even stored energy reserves were absorbed from food in the recent past). So if your diet is lacking in needed nutrients, your body's health will suffer.

Also please note that if you eat a perfectly balanced meal full of nutrients but your intestines are not functioning properly then you will not absorb the nutrients you need. You can have the best oil in the world in your engine but if the spark plugs and exhaust system is clogged the car will not run properly. Absorption of nutrients is essential and a healthy digestive system is a key part of that.

A healthy diet that is well balanced and full of nutrients

A diet of high fibre foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables is of primary importance. Not only are these foods high in needed vitamins and minerals, but they also help keep the intestines clean. Any problems with digestion or the colon are best addressed, by a thorough cleanse and detoxification.

You would be amazed at what toxins and waste build up in a dysfunctional digestive system. The important point to remember with all programs is to maintain a high level of water intake. Six to ten glasses of water a day are needed. This means water and not tea, coffee or soft drinks. Water is a vital part of the bodies elimination and detoxification system. Other fluids can be consumed, but do make sure the amount of just water is as mentioned.

What is needed first and foremost is a complete program to clear the digestive system of accumulated toxins and waste. There are many herbs which can also offer assistance for a number of different complaints of the digestive system/intestines. Listed below are some of them.

Indigestion discomfort:

Peppermint tea has long been a popular remedy for indigestion. Its anti-spasmodic effect helps to relieve stomachs aches. Most of the carminative oils in peppermint and other mints are relatively insoluble in water, so a peppermint tincture contains more than a tea. (Carminitive means something that helps bring relief from gas and flatulence etc).

Herbalists value ginger for its calming effect on the digestive system. Ginger contains certain chemicals that soothe the gut and also aid digestion by increasing the peristalsis action (wavelike muscle contractions of the intestine walls), to help move the food through the intestine.

Cayenne pepper actually helps soothe the stomach and will help with indigestion and flatulence. It is also a good circulation booster.

Lemon Balm is a good stomach soother. Its active ingredients can reduce digestive spasms in colic, nausea and indigestion.

Fennel has long been used to aid digestion of rich or fatty foods. It has been prescribed by herbalists to relieve indigestion associated with wind.

Goldenseal is valuable in treating inflammation of the digestive system. It has great soothing characteristics.

a great view can be relaxing and soothing

Natural Laxatives:

Firstly I would never advise taking a drug based laxative. There can be many side-effects. Always use a natural one or combination of a few natural ingredients:

Aloe Vera is a natural laxative when taken internally. Externally it soothes and heals the skin.

Senna leaves are a very strong natural laxative. For a milder treatment, the pods can be used. They are best used in a formula or with other herbs, as it is strong. As well as being cleansing senna is antiseptic and antispasmodic.

Flax seed and Psyllium Husks are mild laxatives and cleansing to the intestinal system.

Slippery Elm soothes internal body surfaces and any inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract.

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