Prostate Problems and some alternative treatments

The following article gives information about the prostate gland and some information about remedies for this potentially very serious problem.

Pain and discomfort in the bladder and genital area

Good prostate health is very important for men, especially as they reach middle age and beyond. It can be extremely uncomfortable when the prostate starts to malfunction. It can affect going to the bathroom. It can be painful when peeing and also it can make you feel like you have to go to the bathroom, even when no pee comes out.

Sexual function can be affected and it can make achieving an erection more difficult or painful.

Research is being carried out all of the time and more and more natural prostate remedies are being found. Research has shown Saw Palmetto to be particularly effective over time and as part of a suitable health plan.

As part of our regular newsletter, there will be examples of successful alternative treatments.

What does the Prostate Gland do?

The word Prostate comes from the latin word "prostata". This was made from the words "pro" meaning to be in front of and the word "histanai" meaning to stand. As you can see, this wording is very appropriate because this gland and its muscles lie near the base of the penis inside the body.

More precisely, it lies around the urethra (the tube through which urine passes) of the human male. It is found between the bladder and the Penis. It is actually quite a small gland and is about the size of a walnut on average, but it can grow as you get older. In elderly men it can grow to the size of a big tomato and at this point is can be very uncomfortable.

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All glands secrete various fluids or hormones into the body and this one is the same. This one secretes prostate fluid which makes up part of the liquid semen and so it plays its part in maintaining healthy sperm activity. The muscles within the gland also help to propel this seminal fluid out of the penis during ejaculation. These muscles can be consciously constricted when the health of the area is good.

Control can suffer if the health of the gland is not maintained. It is often suggested that regular ejaculation (a few times per week), may help to keep this gland in good condition. There is little evidence to show whether this is true or not. However, if muscles are not regularly exercised or used they will suffer in health over time. So perhaps there is some truth in this suggestion.

The prostate also acts to close off the opening to the bladder, so that no urine interferes with the ejaculation process.

Another key function of this gland is to produce an enzyme in its secretions to add to the seminal fluid which carries the sperms. Once the seminal fluid and sperms leave the body, this enzyme helps to thin out the fluid. This increases the chances of sperms being able to swim more freely during the rest of the reproduction cycle.

Some of the problems can be serious

As the Prostate Gland encircles the urethra, any swelling of the gland will interfere with the urine flow. Thus swelling of the Prostate Gland can interfere with the ability to empty the bladder. This is called Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) and is found in 50% of males over 50 years of age.

This is usually the most common cause of being unable to pee properly. Often no pee comes out or perhaps just a dribble, or you have to strain to get any pee out. The usual reason is that there is less control over the muscular action of the prostate and it can swell and restrict the flow of liquids from the bladder. These are some of the symptoms that show you need to do something about it. It may help if you reduce the amount of alcohol you consume and also drink less before going to bed.

This can also be an increased indication of cancer, but it does not mean that this is the case. You can have prostate problems without the cause being cancer. Either way, you need to get things checked out because this is a serious matter and a timely diagnosis is very important. Always seek a thorough examination from a qualified specialist so that you know what the issues are. IT may just be an infection rather than something more serious.

Detox Diet Special OfferAffecting not only urine, the sexual activity of the male is also affected by changes in the Prostate Gland. In the past, drastic surgery has tried to remedy extreme enlargement of the Prostate Gland but, in many cases, this is not as effective as has been hoped.

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Do a proper detox program

As well as taking proper medical advice, one of the best ways to help deal with prostate problems is to do a thorough detox of all your elimination organs. This includes the digestives system, intestines, kidney and liver. Click here for further details.

Prostate massage

In Europe, Prostate Massage is used in many cases instead of or to complement surgery. The doctor or nurse inserts a finger into the rectum and massages the prostate for ten to twenty minutes. It is important not to feel embarrassed about this. These people are professionals and prostate problems can be serious if not handled quickly. Your health is more important than your embarrassment. The doctor will be able to feel the swelling go down as the prostate drains itself of its inflammation.

Prostate gland waste matter

Poisonous, shiny black wastes can come out of the prostate glands. It may be necessary to have more than one massage to remove all the toxins. A swollen prostate gland and future maintenance of it, has often been helped safely by various herbs:-. specifically Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root, Liquorice, Milk Thistle and Pumpkin Seeds.

Dr.James Duke - in his famous Book "The Green Pharmacy" gives a recipe for 'Prosnut Butter'. Blend half a cup of fresh pumpkin seed, contents of one saw palmetto capsule or drops of tincture, a few drops of liquorice extract and a few drops of Brazil Nut oil in a Blender. Spread a couple of tablespoonfuls every day on bread. This simple Home Remedy may help the current situation and also prevent BPH.

The first thing anyone should do is to stay alert to any problems. Recognise when you feel any pain in the area or if you have any difficulty peeing. Get a good check-up from a professional who is trained in this matter. Take a good honest look at your lifestyle. Are you getting some exercise? Is your diet ok? Do you need to cut out alcohol? Are there any supplements or cleanses that can help?

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Take action, don't leave things to chance, don't be embarrassed and do what is necessary to overcome this problem. Early intervention and this holistic approach will hopefully help to maintain your Prostate Gland in peak performance.