Penny Khaled Topham

Penny Khaled Topham
Lectures are a mix of technical knowledge with practical tasks and delivered with humor and at a level that anyone can understand.

Penny Khaled guiding her students
Penny helping her students with their next steps.

Penny has travelled the world researching different healing methods including traditional and modern. In many cases they can work together yet she favours approaches which are as natural as possible. Years of experience has shown her that this is usually the most gentle on the body and leads to far fewer complications or setbacks.

Born and raised in England, Penny’s adventurous spirit saw her journey to South Africa where she lived and studied for many years including at the University of South Africa. After raising her family there, they moved to the United States which was at the forefront of health and nutrition research.

Further studies included the teachings of Dr. Christopher, Dr. Schulze, Dr. Clarke and numerous other medical practitioners, both natural and so called orthodox.

She has never been slow to treat herself naturally and helping to maintain optimum weight and vitality. In fact this includes successfully moving through menopause naturally, handling hereditary circulation difficulties which caused a stroke and overcoming hip problems. Years of surfing and paddle-skiing in South Africa strained her body and her sporting competitions meant she had to endure this until she retired. (Incidentally, Penny was the South African paddle-ski champion at the age of 39 back in the 1980’s.)

As menopause approached she initially followed the usual practice in America of trying allopathic medical drugs and supplements which were prescribed for her. These did not work. The side effects were worse than the actual transition that she was going through.

She soon realised that this was not the way for her, so she reverted to what she knew and by continuing her research into alternative healing methods she found and used certain tinctures and teas. She successfully and safely helped passed through menopause and into the post menopause period.

Despite always being active and having a relatively healthy lifestyle, Penny realised that further work needed to be done to fully heal her body. Modern living has added far more pollutants and chemicals into our lives which can contaminate the water we drink, the foods we eat and even the air we breathe. Because of these extra external attacks upon the body, she realised that people’s bodies needed a kick-start to push through and defend against these new invaders.

So she began researching and carrying out programs of detoxification and cleansing. These proved to be the additional steps the body needed. Unknown initially, toxins were in the foods she ate, the air she breathed and the water she drank and had been stored in the tissues of her body. Assuming you live on planet earth, you will have been affected to a greater or lesser degree too.

The toxins she had stored in her body throughout her life, hindered and magnified the difficulties that she was going through during her Change of Life. She found, modified where appropriate and used the most effective cleanses helping her through these menopausal changes.

Following these successes, Penny realized that the lives of those she loved could be protected by using the correct herbs to help eliminate the toxins and waste products built up in people bodies over their lifetimes. She soon found others wanted to learn how and why she had been so successful. This became the start of her journey in teaching others how to do the same.

One of the many ways she did this was when she successfully took over the presidency of the Florida Herb Society and helped rejuvenate the whole organisation.

Start of lecture
Penny just beginning one of her regular seminars.

Responding to a question
Responding to an audience question.

Students discussing their lesson
Students are often set tasks or discussion exercises so that they learn the information more easily. So many times students would comment upon how practical the talks were and how valuable the information is in their own lives.

Practical exercises
Many lectures include practical exercises where students roll up their sleeves and get stuck into making useful herbal preparations.

Step by step actions are closely monitored by Penny's assistants
Teaching programs and data are carefully studied and students progress through the various course steps.

Technical explanations
Penny explains in detail one of the health benefits of the program.

Well attended
The lectures are well attended and there is always a range of knowledge amongst they students.

Concentrating on what Penny Khaled says
Students concentrating on the latest health advice Penny is offering.

Florida herb gardens
Demonstrations and courses are often given outside to make them more practical. This step by step approach is appreciated by students as it allows them to progress in an orderly manner with excellent understanding.

Penny Khaled teaching a young student
People quickly see the many benefits of following a natural approach to good health. Lifestyle changes are experienced firsthand and men and women are able to learn and progress together.

Countless lives have been improved over many years by utilising the common sense lifestyle changes that we can all make. Penny continues to pass on her knowledge and the joy in seeing people improve their health continues to excite her and over the years she has witnessed a growing awareness in people taking more responsibility for their own health.

Thank you Penny!!!