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Organic Nutrition Limited
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Our customer service and help desk

We will always try to give you our very best service and attention.

If you need any assistance with anything then please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can order products from us via our online shopping cart here or you can order by telephone.

If you need any technical help regarding any of our products then you can also contact us via telephone or by filling in the contact form above with your questions.

Contact us if you need some advice or assistance

You may want more information about whether a product is right for you, or if it can be taken with other things. Perhaps you need more data on how to do any of our cleanses or other programs.

Whatever information you need, we are here to help you in the best way we can.

Postage costs

We often get asked about postage costs and if we ship internationally.

We definitely DO ship internationally to most countries. To work out the postage costs, you just need to add items to the shopping cart. Then you enter your address and when you proceed through the shopping cart, it will work out the postage for you.

We have done deals with most major postal organisations to keep these costs as low as possible. We make no profit at all on postage costs unlike some companies. We want you to try our products with no worries about high postage costs.

All orders get processed and shipped within 48 hours and we deliver planet-wide within approximately 7 to 10 working days (usually less).

Background - Why we want to help

Organic Nutrition Limited is fully registered at Companies House and has been operating since 2002. Our technical staff have over thirty years of experience in the health and nutrition field.

Modern society is rich in technical advances but it is starting to suffer in terms of health and wellness. We want to do our part in bringing about a healthier society and hopefully, this will contribute to a happier one.

Our goal is to help you achieve better health, and in the most natural way possible.

We believe this is the secret to longevity and good health. We do all we can to help bring our clients, customers and site visitors a wealth of useful information which anyone can understand and apply.

There are many helpful articles on this website and we recommend you will join our free monthly newsletter.

Seek advice BUT take responsibility for your own health.

We encourage people to take more responsibility for their own health and for the health of their families. You absolutely should consult with health experts, however, too many people are quick to rush to the doctor and seek a quick fix. The trouble with these quick fixes is that they rarely fix anything for long.

Symptoms often get covered up with some kind of pain killer or masked with a temporary solution. If there is an emergency or you are seeking a professional diagnosis then do whatever is necessary. However, we have all been led to believe that popping a few drugs into our system with solve our the problems.

This rarely handles the underlying causes. The general population seems to have forgotten just how amazing the human body is in fighting off illness and recovering to good health. This can occur quite quickly, but only IF it is allowed to use all of its built-in survival characteristics which the human race has developed over many thousands of years.

Don't rely on a quick fix approach

Taking a short term approach usually has side effects and the body can be left more vulnerable to other illnesses or non-optimum situations in the future.

On the one hand, modern medicine has created countless, amazing cures for all kinds of illnesses. It has also made huge progress in the treatments of injuries, organ transplants, bone fixes, joint replacements and many other worthy discoveries.

However, we have also gone backwards as a species in terms of how we should live harmoniously with nature and how we should develop good healthy bodies that remain healthy into old age. Yes, the average lifespan is increasing in most countries, but we are also living with more aches and pains, reduced energy, excess weight, reduced activity and dread reaching old age in a state of poor health.

We can all do something about this and reverse these negative trends.

Thank you for visiting this site and if you find it interesting or useful please share it with your friends.

Using a natural approach whenever possible, providing great products, looking after the environment and offering excellent customer service are our core principles.


We wish you the best of health,

The Organic Nutrition team

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P.S. - We now run a useful Facebook page which has different health tips and often looks at current health news issues. You can find the link to the latest page by clicking on the Facebook symbol. This will be visible on the top right of each of our webpages.

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