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Anti Parasite & deworming:  Price Size Parasite & Worm Formulas

Black Walnut

£14.95 50ml bottle

(Extra strength)
Can help get rid of adult parasites and larvae


£12.95 120 Capsules Parasitic egg killer


£12.95 120 Capsules Adult stages etc

One complete anti parasite kit

complete deworming and parasite kit

120 Wormwood Capsules
50ml Black Walnut Tincture (extra strength)
120 Clove Capsules

Full instructions
The complete kit

There is a 10% saving when bought this way

Two complete anti parasite kits

Two complete deworming and parasite kits

120 Wormwood Capsules x 2
50ml Black Walnut Tincture x 2 (extra strength)
120 Clove Capsules x 2

Full instructions x 2

(Choose this option if there are two of you doing the program together)
Two complete kits

This 2 person pack saves 15%

One Ultimate Anti-Parasite Program
Get the bulk purchase discount:


The Ultimate anti parasite plan is discounted to


This Ultimate Parasite and Deworming kit includes our Detox One & Detox Two cleanses.
It also includes the complete anti parasite kit mentioned above.
As a nutritional bonus, it also comes with 120 capsules of Superfood.

For the full solution choose this pack:.

 Detox One capsules
 Detox Two powder
 Wormwood capsules
 Black walnut tincture
  (extra strength)
 Clove capsules
 Superfood capsules

(East to follow instructions)

One Ultimate Anti Parasite Program:

a) Detox 1 & 2
b) Anti Parasite kit
c) Superfood capsules

This package gives a 15% discount

Two Ultimate Anti-Parasite Programs
Get the bulk discount:

if bought

Two Ultimate anti parasite programs discounted to:


Two Ultimate Anti Parasite Programs

(If you have a friend or partner who will do the program with you, then choose this option for an additional bulk saving)

For the full solution for two people buy this package.

 Detox One capsules x 2
 Detox Two powder x 2
 Wormwood capsules x 2
 Black walnut tincture x 2
 Clove capsules x 2
 Superfood capsules x 2

(Full instructions x 2)

You get two lots of all of these:

Ultimate Anti Parasite and deworming Kit which includes:

a) Detox 1 & 2
b) Anti Parasite kit
c) Superfood capsules

This two person kit entitles
you to a 20% discount
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Detox Products: Price Size Description
  Detox 1 £15.95 120 Capsules Gets things moving
  Detox 2 £19.95 180 Capsules Helps clean the intestinal system
  Detox 1 & 2 kit

offer price
£ 31.95
Detox 1 - 120 Capsules

Detox 2 - 180 Capsules

Intestinal cleanse/detox

Save 11% when buying as a kit
  Detox 3 kit
£35.95 50ml bottle Detox 3 liquid

180 grams of Detox 3 herbs

50ml bottle of Supertonic
Blood filtering/liver cleanse and detox
  Detox 4 kit
£35.95 50ml bottle Detox 4 liquid

180 grams of Detox 4 herbs

50ml bottle of Supertonic
Urinary cleanse/kidney detox

The Ultimate Detox Kit,
Superfood, Supertonic
& instructions


offer price
120 capsules of Detox 1,

180 capsules of Detox 2,

50ml bottle & 180 grams
of Detox 3 formula,

50ml bottle & 120 grams
of powder of Detox 4,

350 grams of Superfood,

100ml of Supertonic

Full instructions
The complete cleanse and
detoxification kit

A special kit saving of 15%
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Formulas: Price Size Description

Circulation Formula

£16.95 120 Capsules - containing:
Garlic, Ginkgo, Ginger & Cayenne
( capsules )

Circulation Formula

£16.95 100ml bottle - containing
Garlic, Ginkgo, Ginger & Cayenne
( liquid version )

Special offer bulk discount:
Because of continued popularity, we are able to offer a bulk saving on the circulation formula - (1st July 2017 - Customer Care Department)

Circulation Formula

Save over 23%
Bulk discount
price now just
£ 38.90
120 Capsules - containing:
Ginkgo, Ginger, Garlic & Cayenne
(Three tubs of the capsule formula)
( capsules X 3 )

Circulation Formula

Save over 23%
Bulk discount
price now just
£ 38.90
100ml bottle - containing:
Ginkgo, Ginger, Garlic & Cayenne
(Three bottles of the liquid formula)
( liquid X 3)

balance kit
consisting of:


     Wild Yam &
     Dong Quai

     Herbal Tea


50ml bottle of Black Cohosh

120 capsules of Chasteberry, Wild Yam & Dong Quai combination

A large tub containing 125g of the Female Herbal Tea.
This kit contains three of the most popular female products

If purchased individually, the usual price would be £35.85 but in this kit there is a 10% saving).


   (one tub)
£24.95 200 grams powder

(mix powder with water, juice or milk and drink)
Sticking to a diet can be tough and this supplement is designed to help you avoid major blodd sugar fluctuations. This in turn can help reduce more cravings for junk and sugary foods.


   (two tubs)


200 grams powder
x 2 tubs
Order Two tubs and receive
a volume discount of 10%


   (five tubs)


200 grams powder
x 5 tubs
Order Five tubs and receive
a bulk discount of 20%


   (180 capsules)
£24.95 (If you prefer capsules instead of a drink.)

Take up to 6 capsules per day.
180 capsules

Immune Formula

£14.95 120 Capsules - containing
Ginseng, Echinacea, Barberry, Astragalus & Ginger
Immune boosting system

The Immune System Booster Program


Immune Formula - (120 capsules)

The Circulation Formula - (120 capsules)

Detox 1 - (120 capsules)

Detox 2 - (120 capsules)

Supertonic - (50ml bottle)

ImmuniTea - (150 gram tub)

(You will receive full instructions and further vital tips on how to boost your immune system and your body's circulation)
This is the complete immune boosting kit

Lean Protein Plus

£17.95 300 grams This is a brilliant protein supplement which tastes delicious and can be used short or long term.
£29.95 350 grams powder

(this is equivalent to over 500 capsules worth of powder)
Click the link to the left to see just how good superfood is.

Two tubs of


350 grams powder
  x Two

(this is equivalent to over 1,000 capsules worth of powder)
  Bulk purchase discount
(a saving of 10% when buying two tubs)
£14.95 120 capsules (If you want capsules instead of powder choose this one.)

300 capsules   Bulk purchase discount
  Save over 15%

(If you want capsules instead of powder choose this one.)


£10.95 50ml bottle A "Pick-me-up" and energy boosting formula


£15.95 100ml bottle
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Herbal Remedies:  Price Size Historical Uses & Description
  Alfalfa £7.95 50ml bottle Energy and vitality
  Alfalfa £13.95 100ml bottle
  Alfalfa £7.95 60 capsules
  Alfalfa £12.95 120 capsules
  Black Cohosh £8.95 50ml bottle Female supplement
  Black Cohosh £14.95 100ml bottle
  Cardamom £8.95 50ml bottle Digestive aid and aphrodisiac
  Cardamom £13.95 100ml bottle
  Cayenne £8.95 50ml bottle Blood circulation enhancer
  Cayenne £14.95 100ml bottle
  Chasteberry £8.95 50ml bottle Female supplement for imbalances
  Chasteberry £14.95 100ml bottle
  Chasteberry £7.95 60 capsules
  Chasteberry £13.95 120 capsules

Wild Yam &
Dang Gui
£15.95 120 capsules 3 very popular female herbal supplements
  Damiana £8.95 50ml bottle Aphrodisiac and fatigue booster
  Damiana £14.25 100ml bottle
  Devil's claw £8.95 50ml bottle Connective tissues and joints formula
  Devil's claw £13.95 100ml bottle
  Devil's claw £8.95 60 capsules
  Devil's claw £13.95 120 capsules
  Echinacea £7.95 50ml bottle Weakened Immune System, tiredness, preventing cold weather-like symptoms Often used to help build up the immune system.
  Echinacea £12.95 100ml bottle
  Echinacea £7.95 60 capsules
  Echinacea £12.95 120 capsules
  Eyebright £7.95 50ml bottle Hay fever and excessively watery eyes
  Eyebright £12.95 100ml bottle
  Fennel £7.95 50ml bottle A female normalising herb
  Fennel £12.95 100ml bottle
  Fenugreek £7.95 50ml bottle Aphrodisiac & lactation herb
  Fenugreek £13.95 100ml bottle
  Feverfew £7.95 50ml bottle Indigestion and intestinal relief
  Feverfew £12.95 100ml bottle
  Garlic £8.95 50ml bottle
Blood cleansing and heart herb. Studies have shown benefits for the heart and helps keep the blood healthy.
  Garlic £12.95 100ml bottle
  Garlic Plus £9.95 60 capsules
 Garlic Plus
  Garlic Plus £14.95 120 capsules
 Garlic Plus
  Ginger £7.95 50ml bottle Circulation, vomiting, travel
  Ginger £12.95 100ml bottle
  Ginger £7.95 60 capsules
  Ginger £12.95 120 capsules
  Ginkgo Biloba £7.95 50ml bottle Circulation, poor blood flow, memory
  Ginkgo Biloba £12.95 100ml bottle
  Ginkgo Biloba £7.95 60 capsules
  Ginkgo Biloba £12.95 120 capsules
  Ginseng £7.95 50ml bottle Stamina, energy, sex-drive, jet lag
  Ginseng £12.95 100ml bottle
  Ginseng £7.95 60 capsules
  Ginseng £12.95 120 capsules
  Goldenseal £18.95 50ml bottle Digestive, lower blood sugar& infections
  Goldenseal £27.95 100ml bottle
  Guarana £8.95 50ml bottle Energy, potency, well-being
  Guarana £14.95 100ml bottle
  Guarana £8.95 60 capsules
  Guarana £14.95 120 capsules
  Hawthorn £7.95 50ml bottle Blood flow, pressure, sore throats
  Hawthorn £13.95 100ml bottle
  Kelp £8.95 50ml bottle Skin, cellulite, nourishing & soothing
  Kelp £14.95 100ml bottle
  Kelp £7.95 60 capsules
  Kelp £13.95 120 capsules
  Lemon Balm £8.95 50ml bottle Blood thinner, mental function & digestive aid
  Lemon Balm £14.95 100ml bottle
  Lemon Balm £8.95 60 capsules
  Lemon Balm £14.95 120 capsules
  Liquorice £7.95 50ml bottle Coughing, inflammation, digestion
  Liquorice £13.95 100ml bottle
  Milk Thistle £8.95 50ml bottle Detoxing, flushing and cleansing
  Milk Thistle £14.95 100ml bottle
  Milk Thistle £7.95 60 capsules
  Milk Thistle £13.95 120 capsules
  Nettle £7.95 50ml bottle Iron loss, circulation, summer allergies
  Nettle £13.95 100ml bottle
  Olive leaf £8.95 50ml bottle Antiseptic, fevers, cholesterol
  Olive leaf £14.95 100ml bottle
  Peppermint £7.95 50ml bottle Queasiness and menopausal
  Peppermint £13.95 100ml bottle
  Peppermint £7.95 60 capsules
  Peppermint £13.95 120 capsules
  Red Clover
£7.95 60 capsules Natural hormone monitor & relaxant
  Red Clover
£12.95 120 capsules

Red Clover &
Peppermint Tea

£8.95 200 grams
  Sage £7.95 50ml bottle Coughing etc, soothing, menopausal
  Sage £13.95 100ml bottle
  Saw Palmetto £7.95 50ml bottle Unable to urinate easily, aphrodisiac
  Saw Palmetto £13.95 100ml bottle
  Saw Palmetto £8.95 60 capsules
  Saw Palmetto £14.95 120 capsules
  St.John's Wort £8.95 50ml bottle Well-being and energy flow
  St.John's Wort £14.95 100ml bottle
  St.John's Wort £8.95 60 capsules
  St.John's Wort £14.95 120 capsules
  Valerian £7.95 50ml bottle Lack of sleep and racing feelings
  Valerian £13.95 100ml bottle
  Valerian £7.95 60 capsules
  Valerian £13.95 120 capsules
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Special Teas:  Price Size Full-strength, effective teas
  Lemon Balm £9.95 25 grams - large tub (These leaves are very light in weight, hence it only weighs 25grams but each tub is enough for at least 30 to 40 cups of tea) Blood thinner, mental function & digestive aid
 Male Tea
£10.95 150 grams - large tub. Multiple herb
combination providing a stimulating drink.
At least 30 to 40 cups.
Hormonal conditioner,
stamina, potency,energy
 Female Tea
£10.95 150 grams - large tub. Multiple herb combination giving a soothing and relaxing drink. At least 30 to 40 cups. Hormonal regulator,
relaxing, & soothing

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the price will be in your currency or contact us.)

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