Do you wish you had more energy?

The following article gives some useful information about how you can increase your energy level and the benefits this will give you.

Almost everyone has experienced times when their energy levels were low and they felt exhausted and rundown. However, it is possible to have this happen less often and to lead a more invigorating life.

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How to feel more energetic

Energy can be defined as vigour or power in action. It is having vitality and being able to exert oneself when needed. There is physical, intellectual and emotional energy. All combine to make us feel energetic or lethargic.

To a greater or lesser degree, we all experience fluctuations. This is just a fact, but there are ways to improve how we feel when tired and there are ways to handle long term low-energy levels. In today's modern society, fatigue or the absence of energy, can be divided into chronic (meaning a prolonged condition) or acute (meaning a temporary or short-term condition).

An energetic walk

Poor diet, lack of sleep, low-motivation, depression, as well as laziness and general lack of activity can lead to low vigor levels. It sounds somewhat illogical that moving the body and using up energy can help us feel more energetic, but it is true.

Sometimes though there are some underlying issues which can lead to long term poor energy levels, but even these can be reverse with time and effort.

Chronic Fatigue Symptom (CFS) was first recognised in the mid 1980's as a specific disorder and has been found to affect approximately 30% of women and 20% of men.

Although Western Medicine has attempted to solve the problem of CFS with drugs, CFS has not responded to drug treatment. In treating CFS, one has to be aware of the mind/body connection. Many drugs act as suppressants and reduce cellular activity. Even drugs that initially act as stimulants almost always drop off dramatically and reduce energy levels back to their former states. For many it is a vicious circle of ever more powerful drugs to try to overcome these peaks, troughs and even crashes.

Neuropeptides are chemicals released by our brain every time a thought or feeling occurs, are picked up by receptors on EVERY SINGLE CELL in the body. This includes the digestive system, the heart, lungs, kidneys and the immune system. Most people experiencing CFS have higher levels of emotional , mental and spiritual stress. The neuropeptides released by their brain depress all the cells in the body.

Skyscrapers on a moody beach

Our modern environment

Complicating the picture is our modern environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat contain some of the most dangerous chemicals known on this planet. Chemicals that are designed to kill. The buildings and materials that furnish our homes and work places contain toxic compounds that breakdown into formaldehyde.

This is used in the preservation of dead bodies as it kills all living things. By ingesting all these chemicals we are slowly poisoning our bodies. These chemicals not only affect our bodies survival but also affect the chemicals that our brain releases into the body.

Many of these harmful chemicals, started off as the latest miracle advancement. Unfortunately all too often, and only after many years have we come to realise than many man-made chemicals can be very toxic. Our bodies have evolved over thousands of years without these elements present, and now over the last hundred years or so we are being inundated.

Chemical pollutants and the damage they can do

In effect, the chemical pollutants in our society produce the very depression that causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). One possible solution to CFS is to start a detoxification plan of action designed to rid your body of these dangerous chemicals, toxins and pollutants.

This will include getting as many harmful chemicals out of your environment as possible. Things like cleaning products, sprays, washing powders, perfumes, aftershaves, air fresheners and many other day to day items in our homes should be scrutinised.

Individually, these products may not be particularly harmful, but when we add them all together, the amounts of harmful chemicals we absorb into our bodies can be quite significant. There are now many, more natural products that we can use and anything you can do to reduce toxins in the environment that you control, will be efforts well spent.

As well as handling external toxins, you can take steps to try and eliminate the toxins already in your body. Exercise, diet, water and doing some cleansing really can help. Such a program, will enable your body to produce the energy needed and enhance your life. It is not a "quickie" program and there is not a "quickie" answer to CFS. Not only do you have to detoxify your body, but your lifestyle will have to undergo several changes to ensure that CFS does not occur again.

The right herbs and super foods are the answer

Acute energy loss is easily handled by resting, good food and various herbal preparations. If you are suffering from a temporary lack of energy, there are several herbal compounds that you can use to give you a boost.

Ginseng is one of the most famous. Various other herbs singly or in combination could benefit your activity levels: Wild Yam, Chasteberry, Cayenne, Ginkgo Biloba, Hawthorn, Ginger and Garlic.

Superfood nutritional supplement

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To maintain a higher level of energy, take a nutritional supplement which contains all of the green foods such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Algae etc. These kinds of energy food supplements are completely unlike other supplements found on the market. They really help to enhance new lifestyle changes that you will also make.

Instead of being made of chemical derivatives and full of "fillers" like cellulose, soy, lactose, etc., it is made from whole organic or wild harvested foods. These are foods that the body can easily assimilate and use.

Many of these are single celled plants which are easily digestible and assimilated into the bloodstream. They must be organic or wild crafted to ensure that no pesticides or chemicals etc., are being ingested.