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We supply only the very best organic and wild harvested nutritional products for your health and well-being. We guarantee that our products are of the highest quality available.

If you buy something and aren't satisfied for any reason, then please let us know. We try our best to make available the best remedies and food supplements that mother nature has made available for all of us. You can either have your money back with no hassle or have a replacement. Also, if you think you have bought the wrong thing for your needs then we will help you to ensure you get the right solution. Our help and advice line is available by email or telephone.

Use only the best supplements and see the benefits

It is important when trying to improve your well-being that you take the best supplements available. It is very disheartening to want to get well yet the supplements you take are a waste of money. Some companies use cheap herbs and ingredients from countries like China and India that would not meet the same stringent quality tests that we apply. The majority of these kinds of cheap herbs are poor quality, and they can be contaminated with pesticides and some may even have been irradiated!

Only buy from a trusted source such as ourselves.

Organic and approved wild harvested ingredients

We only use the finest organic ingredients when available and approved wild harvested sources. These are carefully sourced and checked. In this way, we know you can't buy better. This is not just an empty sales comment, but the facts.

We want you to improve your wellness and we will always do everything in our power to help bring this about. If you need any advice about what to buy or about any of our products we will be glad to help you.

Another important fact to bear in mind is the freshness and effectiveness of the products and herbs used. We do not believe in using herbs in a tablet form or in a standardised extract form. Both of these methods damage the multitude of natural chemical compounds in the finished products.

Nature at its finest

We only use herbs in their natural state that have been carefully processed and that have no heat damage. These are then placed in capsules which retain their freshness for up to two years. Using capsules instead of tablets, makes sure the ingredients receive as little machine or human contact as possible. This maximises the natural structures of the various active ingredients and minimises any cellular damage to the plants etc. All of this is done in an effort to produce the highest absorbability possible.

We also maintain the highest standards with our liquid tincture extracts. No heat is used and similar efforts are made to ensure the potency is maximised, so that they are able to be utilised by the body quickly.

Good customer service is our priority

If we can't supply you with what you want then we may be able to recommend the best places to look. We may not always sell everything you are looking for but we have years of experience in this field and we like to pass on useful information if we can. Frankly, it also helps us in the end. By trying to give excellent customer service there is more chance that you continue to use us in the future.

It's one thing buying something off the internet for convenience, but it also gives peace of mind to know that there is someone to talk to for advice if you need it. All members of staff have years of experience in the natural health field and we treat our customers with care and respect and in confidence. If we can't answer your questions straight away we have consultants who will be able to answer you within a few hours.

Some of our guiding principles and ethical values

All of the organic and wild harvested herbs and foods in our products are either grown locally or imported from their native habitats and are sustainably farmed. We only source our products from farms and locations which follow the same principles as our own:

Overharvesting occurs quite frequently and a number of well-known herbs, have had their stocks decimated by profit-hungry multi-national companies, who entice farmers into taking short-term profits. Many farms now regret this and have since gone bust. Other have begun a more ecological approach and are starting to thrive and will continue to do so by adopting safe, sustainable farming practices. We will not work with any source, which we believe does not meet our high standards for sustainable farming.

Natural farming methods

We like to think that the natural resources, land and soil on the planet are not something that we own for our own benefit, but that they are things we need to look after and protect. We we are "borrowing" these resources from future generations.

We strongly believe in the following:

  • Care for the environment
  • Use only organic type methods
  • Use no harsh chemicals
  • Conserve and replenish resources
  • Treat employees, suppliers and customers fairly
  • Encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their health

We guarantee to supply products of the very best quality far exceeding the average quality of store or other internet bought items. Your health is important to us and you can expect us to supply only the very best products available.

How to contact us

Our U.S. office is based in Clearwater, Florida and our European offices for Organic Nutrition Limited - (Registered Number: 04582776) are based in Covent Garden in London and in the heart of the West Sussex countryside in England.

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As a company, we have over 16 years experience and research under our belts in the field of nutritional health and we have full confidence in our products. Key staff members have even many more years experience than this in the field of nutrition, alternative health, fitness and sports therapies.

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We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding any of our products or if you want any information regarding natural health remedies and treatments in general.