Losing weight for many people can be a real struggle. There are many reasons why this may be the case, but why does it sometimes seem so confusing and at times disheartening?

Is it all down to genetics? Why do some people seem to stay overweight no matter what they seem to try? Why do some lose weight only for it to all come back again and often even more than before?

Some conflicting information:

There are many theories banded about regarding the best way to lose weight and undoubtedly sometimes these work for some people. But there rarely seems to be universal success.

There are food temptations everywhere and it can seem like a constant battle to try to make headway. Some of the conflicting advice and information includes these opposites:

  • Don't eat meat - Only eat meat.
  • Don't eat fruit and veg - Just eat fruit and veg.
  • Eat a big breakfast - Skip your breakfast.
  • Eat lots of little meals - Eat just one big meal.
  • Don't eat carbohydrates - Just eat carbohydrates.
  • Eat a high protein diet - Eat a low protein diet...

No wonder people get confused.

The result of this confusion is that it can lead to a lack of action or being unsure which direction to take.

It's time to get back to basics

So is there any truth out there about weight loss? Is there anything that is fundamental?


The overall basic equation is something that in its purest form is hard to argue with. Here it is:

"Over time, if you eat more than your body needs, some will get stored as fat."


This can be reworded into a kind of weight loss equation like this:

weight loss equation

On the face of it this seems to make good sense. In simple terms, if you eat more than you need, then over time your body weight will increase.

On the other side of the coin, if you eat a bit less than your body requires, then you will lose weight.

This is a very simplistic way of looking at it, but it does help to give us a firm foundation on which to build our understanding of how to achieve our ideal weight.

There are actually quite a few aspects to this simple equation above. Each of the three things leading to YOUR BODY WEIGHT can be controlled by you.

This includes the food types you eat, how much you eat, the amount of exercise you get and whether your body is properly using what it consumes and also whether your body eliminates waste properly. Numerous articles can be written about each part, and this is what we intend to publish in the coming months.

Don't forget that it can take time

One thing that many get frustrated by, is their speed of progress, or rather the lack of it.

Gaining excess weight can often take months, years or even longer. Often it just creeps up on a person over a long period of time.

Research suggests that people often lose patience with a diet or program if they don't see almost instantaneous results and herein lies a danger:

Trying to lose weight too quickly can backfire and you end up worse than before.

Steady progress is the best way

Rapid weight loss is not very healthy, and in many cases consists of mainly water loss and also some serious muscle mass loss. This can leave the body lacking in energy and you end up craving more food than before.

A person can't maintain this kind of starvation routine for very long and the body rebels, almost as a self defence mechanism, and you are left needing to eat even more food than before, just to get back to "normal".

It is vitally important that you maintain patience when trying to lose fat. It doesn't happen quickly unfortunately. This is how the human body has evolved over many thousands of years. It loses weight and gains weight fairly slowly over many weeks, months or years. So stick with it.

Just knowing it can take a while to lose weight can be a blessing or a curse. It may make some people decide not to bother or give up, but for others just knowing it can take a while, helps avoid some of the disappointment that can happen from time to time.

Is there a way to make things easier?

Yes there are things you can do to help make this journey easier. These include things you can physically do to better organise your day and the foods you eat and also mental things and attitude changes you can make.

We will be issuing further articles in due course about all these things which can help speed up your progress towards your goals. In the meantime here is some product and program news which may help:

Some further information which may assist you

The next product to be launched will be the new carbohydrate formula called GoodCarbs. It is a low glycemic food supplement and can be used by anyone including those people on a low carbohydrate diet.

There will also be a series of special reports available free to our newsletter subscribers which will deal will the real facts about carbs and help to cut through the clutter of lies and misinformation about carbohydrates.

It is possible that you can achieve a healthy body and at a good weight for you, no matter what that weight may be.

As part of our regular newsletter there will be examples of successful natural treatments to help you slim and achieve your ideal weight.


Live demonstration: Our new weight loss program will be released shortly. Here is a little demonstration.

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It is possible to achieve your ideal weight!

We have researched the latest ideas on weight-loss and we are currently producing our reports. It is expected that the first part of it will be available shortly.

Further parts will then be released regularly via our regular organic and health newsletter.

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Become inspired and motivated

We often hear stories from people who had previously struggled. They told us that they thought they wouldn't be able to do it. They often said it was just their body type and that it is just the way it is.

They often said things like they were "big boned" or that it is all down to genetics...

We don't dispute that genes can play a part. Sure they can.

This applies to muscle growth for athletes and for excess weight in others. BUT genetics are a minor part of and reason for being overweight.

It is important to realise that it is possible to get weight under control and get a slimmer body. There are hundreds and possibly thousands of amazing before and after stories on youtube of people who have made dramatic changes.

You can go there and see for your self. Use these stories and body transformations to inspire you and to help you get motivated.

Building a positive attitude and developing your willpower is important and this will help you overcome any obstacles which my get in your way.

Make the decision to do something and create your own targets and goals. You Can Do It :-)