Liver Cleansing and Detoxification

Here is some down to earth information about the Liver and what it does.

A healthy liver is vital for optimum health. The liver is one of the most important organs of the body and its primary function is to help extract nutrients, toxins and any foreign substances from the blood. Major blood vessels bring blood from the intestinal walls back through the liver. This is how the nutrients are extracted from the foods and drinks we eat.

Some of these nutrients are allowed back into the bloodstream for further transportation around the body. Some nutrients are converted and stored in the liver itself as a kind of energy back-up store. This energy can be released under certain circumstances when it is required.

The liver helps remove poisons and alcohol from our blood

The liver also carries out many other functions such as removing alcohol and other poisons from the body. If all is functioning well, then they get eliminated either through the bowels or in the urine when peeing. However, things can get overloaded if too many toxins, poisons or alcohol are present at any one time etc. Liver failure is a sad and painful consequence of drinking too much alcohol for many alcoholics.

But strain can be put onto the liver even at lesser volumes of alcohol causing all kinds of complications. You can be more vulnerable to other toxins as the liver is not as efficient at removing them. Fat metabolism and its breakdown is worsened. This can lead to fatty deposits being concentrated in the blood beyond optimum levels with the knock-on effects that this may have on heart health.

A poorly conditioned or diseased liver can be extremely painful. However, research has shown that liver functions can be strengthened over time and the body can rejuvenate liver cells quite quickly. In just a few weeks significant improvements can be made to the well-being and efficiency of the liver. But this only occurs if you do the correct steps and make it easy for the liver to recover.

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The liver breaks down fats and controls sugar levels

Most people may not realise that the liver is one of the largest organs in the body. It is situated under the right side of the diaphragm and it is partly protected by the ribs. One of the key functions of the liver is that it creates and secretes bile. This is a substance the body uses to help it break down fats and so release the energy fat gives us. This bile is passed back to the intestines where it is used during the digestive processes taking place 24 hours a day.

Amazingly, this incredible organ also monitors and alters the sugar levels found in the bloodstream. It can extract sugars from the blood, convert them and store it in the liver. It can also allow some of these sugars to be reformed and released back into the blood to supply energy. Incredibly, it also helps convert protein into and from various types of amino acids. These are major building and repair blocks that the body is constantly using to maintain good cellular and muscular health.

It is incredible that one organ can do so much

To give even more precise details on how it functions would take an entire textbook but basically it processes the digested food, changes it into substances that the body will need and stores them until required.

herbs for cleansing the liverIf things are working well, this organ goes unnoticed. However, there are knock-on effects on other parts of the body which usually get noticed first. A major one is low or fluctuating energy levels. As a company that has been in the health field for almost 20 years, we have become known as specialists in cleansing and detoxing.

As well as our popular intestinal and colon cleanses we have a liver cleanse which has become very popular. When carrying out a cleanse it is important to only use the finest ingredients. This is one of our standards and we believe it is important. You can't cleanse if the herbs used are not from good, clean chemical-free sources. We make great efforts to vet all of our growers and suppliers with extreme care: click here for details.

Some other amazing things the liver does

As well as storing Glycogen (which supplies energy), it detoxifies certain poisons, and it plays a vital role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fat, helping to maintain a correct balance of nutrients throughout the body. It is remarkable that a single organ can do so much for us. It's also why we need to look after it.

Our Modern Lifestyle has increased the number of toxins that are accumulating in our bodies and have to pass through the liver. Very often, the water we drink contains chemical contaminants. These range from heavy metals such as Mercury to hormones that are found in birth control pills. Our food is contaminated by pesticides, hormones and chemical fertilisers.

The Liver has a tough job to do

The Liver is being constantly bombarded with these man-made toxins and it works constantly for us to handle them. Substances that cannot be used in the body, such as these toxins, are sometimes stored in the liver and gall bladder. Sometimes these solidify, and calcified matter builds up as gall stones both in the liver and gall bladder.

Eventually, the liver is unable to function properly and symptoms of malfunctioning appear in the body. These can range from digestive problems, oily skin, weight gain, low energy, all the way to more acute problems such as hepatitis pain (inflammation of the liver).

Many skin conditions, especially Psoriasis can be caused by the liver not doing its job fully. If you are just feeling a bit "off colour", the health of your liver is the first place to check. In any suspected problem with the liver, your diet MUST be inspected and changed.

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Here is a quick fix

Quickly reduce the amount of fatty, oily foods you are consuming and drink more water, especially distilled water. Consume some lemons, other fruits and some green salad leaves such as spinach without any salad dressing. This can help bring about relief. Then, it is suggested that a proper program of Intestine, Colon, Liver and Kidney cleanses are done to remove the stored toxins and brnig some relief.

The Cleansing organs all work together

The digestive organs (stomach, intestines & colon) together with the liver, kidneys, pancreas and gall bladder work as a whole. They are so closely connected, that if one is malfunctioning, it can soon affect the performance of the others. Sometimes, a Liver cleanse should be started before the intestinal cleanse but usually this is not the case. There are a number of herbs and some natural food stuffs that can help the liver and including them in your diet can be very helpful.

Salad greens, liver tinctures or milk thistle capsules can help to maintain the health of your liver. Doing a cleanse or detox could remove gall stones, toxins and help to restore your major systems to their full function. The end result of this is good overall health for your body. It is definitely worth it!!!