Optimum Kidney Health and Avoiding Kidney Stones

The following article gives information about the kidneys, how they work and problems such as kidney stones.

Where are the kidneys and what do they do?

We have two kidneys and the main job of the kidneys is to maintain good blood health. They do this by filtering from the blood, the various wastes that the body produces during its activities. They also help to maintain a stable level of fluid viscosity in the bloodstream. As well as this, the kidneys try to maintain an optimum level of certain chemicals in our blood such as sodium, potassium and others which our cells use to help carry out various chemical reactions in the body. All together this helps to ensure blood pressure and the levels of certain types of blood cells are in a good range.

If viewed from the back, the kidneys are located on either side of the spine, just below the bottom of the rib cage. They are a bit bigger than most people realise and on average they are about the size of the person's fist. During the course of a typical day, 100 litres or more of blood will pass through the kidneys to get filtered. Any non-optimum chemicals or excess fluids will be filtered out and these will be stored in the bladder. A visit to the toilet gets rid of these.

It's no wonder kidneys need looking after

As so much is filtered, one can begin to understand why things can start to "clog up" at times and if not handled, problems can start. The ideal operating condition for kidneys allows the waste and excess fluid to be removed from the blood, but healthy blood cells and nutrients remain for the body to use them. This is why, if you ever notice discolouration different to normal, or see blood when urinating (peeing) you should seek professional help to understand why this is occurring. If you drink too much alcohol too frequently, this will definitely put extra strain on your kidneys as well as your liver. All these organs will have to work overtime just to get rid of this "unexpected" waste (poison).

pebbles on a beach remind us of kidney stones

Can kidney problems and kidney stones be overcome?

In today's society, due to the toxic nature of our world, kidneys are usually overworked and often end up heavily infected themselves. They can become inflamed or grow crystalline deposits or kidney stones over time. Some of the excess substances in the blood can remain in the kidneys. This is because the kidney gets "overloaded" and so it can't eliminate waste as quickly or as efficiently as possible.

An infected or calcified kidney sometimes manifests itself in lower back pains. However, because the Kidneys are "silent", a person may not be aware that they have a kidney problem until the kidneys are in a diseased state.

Some kidney health signs to look out for

As well as observing your urine you should also become aware of whether there are any pains in the back either side of the spine. This can vary from a sharp acute pain to a dull ache in the general area of the kidneys. Sometimes if you massage the area carefully, you can find where it is most sensitive. If this is not just the usual muscular aches and pains we get in our backs from time to time, you may want to get a checkup. Increasing the amount of water you drink can help flush things through the kidneys and this may bring relief within a few hours. Sometimes though, if the pain is severe, you may not want to drink anything at all as it will initially be more painful. If this is the case then do seek assistance from a professional. Long term you will have to look at your lifestyle and make some healthy changes. Otherwise, these pains will recur.

As mentioned above, the two Kidneys are part of the urinary system to help eliminate wastes. However, they also have an important role in the overall endocrine system of the body and they are in fact two of the most important internal organs in the body. Incidentally, the word "endocrine" comes from the Greek word "krinein" which means "to separate or distinguish". This is because certain glands produce their own separate secretions for certain body functions. They are responsible for filtering the blood, regulating the urinary system and producing hormones. One of these hormones helps to regulate blood pressure and another triggers bone marrow inside our bones to manufacture more red blood cells when the body needs them. They are extremely efficient and complex organs and are made up of hundreds of thousands of separate little filtration systems called nephrons.

Other warning signs and take appropriate action

Unfortunately, a person may suddenly collapse in great pain and be rushed to a hospital where the only solution is surgery - often ending up on a dialysis machine for life.

It is extremely important therefore to cleanse the kidneys and make necessary dietary changes, in order to eliminate the calcium deposits and handle unseen infections. Don't be one of the people who need to get rushed to a hospital, all because warning signs were ignored for too long.

A person over forty DEFINITELY needs to do a kidney cleanse as they are at the greatest risk of a Kidney collapse. This is mainly down to the fact that the body starts to change hormonally and age-wise around this time. Also, by this age, the kidneys have usually been working overtime in many cases.

Change your drinking and eating habits and do a cleanse

herbs for kidney cleansesWe provide gently stimulating detox and kidney cleansing products. All are organic or wild-harvested to ensure they are toxin and man-made chemical-free. The kits contain numerous ingredients which are carefully blended to help achieve excellent results. For more information on our Detox/Kidney Cleanse products please click here.

A Cleanse/Detox can be done many times and at any time in a person's life. However, when doing any Cleanse or home treatments one should consult a Health Professional if possible before beginning or by contacting us. As recommended by various practitioners who have followed the traditional teachings of Dr. Christopher and other ancient healers, it is often better to start with a Colon Cleanse and Detox, before cleansing the kidneys. This is so that the elimination system is working adequately to facilitate the removal of the wastes from the body.

Then a Kidney or Liver Cleanse / Detox would follow. If there is a more specific and urgent need, one can go straight onto a Kidney Cleanse/Detox. But the usual step is to cleanse the main digestive tract first (stomach, intestines & colon).

When cleansing and detoxing, use only quality ingredients

The quality of the Herbs used is extremely important and organic or wildcrafted is essential. Most Herbalists prefer using liquid tincture extracts made from the fresh Herbs. This also means the liquid version more quickly reaches the kidneys to soothe them etc.

The optimum Kidney Cleanse is performed using BOTH teas (or Infusions) and tinctures at the same time. The reason similar herbs are made into a tea and into a tincture, is because these herbs have some chemicals that are water soluble AND some chemicals that are best extracted using tincture methods. In other words, to ensure all the needed plant chemicals are extracted from each herb, a tea and a tincture of the same fresh herbs are used at the same time.

The Cleanses can be done during your normal working week and take between two to three weeks. The benefits of doing a correct Cleanse / Detox program, whether it's for the intestines, colon, liver, kidney or for all, can be significant. Full instructions are provided and you can contact us if you need any more assistance.

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