The following article gives information about the kidneys and kidney stones.

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Can kidney problems and kidney stones be overcome?

In today's society, due to the toxic nature of our world, kidneys are usually overworked and often end up themselves heavily infected, inflamed or with crystalline growths or kidney stones. An infected or calcified kidney sometimes manifests itself in lower back pains. However, because the Kidneys are "silent", a person may not be aware that they have a kidney problem until half the kidneys are diseased.

The two Kidneys are part of the urinary system, the endocrine system and are two of the most important internal organs in the body. They are responsible for filtering the blood, regulating the urinary system and producing hormones. They are extremely efficient and complex organs.

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A person may suddenly collapse in great pain and be rushed to Hospital where the only solution is surgery and often ending up on a dialysis machine for life.

It is extremely important therefore to cleanse the kidneys in order to eliminate the calcium deposits and handle unseen infections, so preventing a sudden collapse.

A person over forty DEFINITELY needs to do a kidney cleanse as they are at the greatest risk of a Kidney collapse.

A Cleanse/Detox can be done many times and at any time in a person's life. However, when doing any Cleanse or home treatments one should consult a Health Professional if possible before beginning or by contacting us. Following the tradition of Dr. Christopher and most Ancient Healers, it is best to start with a Colon Cleanse / Detox so that the elimination system is working adequately to facilitate the removal of the wastes from the body.

Then a Kidney or Liver Cleanse / Detox would follow. If there is an Emergency, one can go straight onto a Kidney Cleanse/Detox. The quality of the Herbs used is extremely important and organic or wildcrafted is essential. Most Herbalists prefer using liquid tincture extracts made from the fresh Herbs.

The optimum Kidney Cleanse is performed using BOTH teas (or Infusions) and tinctures at the same time. The reason similar herbs are made into a tea and into a tincture, is because these herbs have some chemicals that are water soluble AND some chemicals that are best extracted by Alcohol. To ensure all the plant chemicals needed are extracted from each herb, a tea and a tincture of the same fresh herbs are used at the same time.

The Cleanses can be done during your normal working week and take between two to three weeks. The benefits of doing a correct Cleanse / Detox program, be it for colon, liver, kidney or for all three, can be significant.