There are a number of herbs which have be shown to help women of various ages

A woman's body experiences far more hormonal changes during her life than a man's. Firstly there is the monthly menstrual cycle when a woman reaches puberty.

Pregnancy, the post-natal years and later "the change of life" or menopause, all bring about significant hormaonal changes in a woman's body.

Here is some more information about this and many articles on this website cover these topics in more detail.

Chasteberry Herb
(Also called: vitex agnus castus)

Chasteberry (agnus castus)
Chasteberry Plant
A female favourite
Vitex agnus-castus is also known as chaste tree or chasteberry and it is a native of the Mediterranean. It is a perennial shrub with palm-shaped leaves and small purple flowers in the summer, which are followed by tiny seeds. The whole plant is strongly aromatic.

Chasteberry is reputed to calm the sex drive of men BUT to help with female hormonal imbalances. It stimulates the release of hormones, which help stimulate progesterone production.

Studies have shown that Agnus Castus may help to restore a regular menstrual cycle after the cycle has been disrupted. It can be a good woman's tonic especially combined with sage.

It is often combined with other regulating herbs such as Wild Yam and Dang Gui.

This combination of female herbs is very popular to help bring about balance in a woman's natural hormonal system of the body. These herbs along with black cohosh, red clover and sage (see below) are some of the most frequently taken ones by women.

Sage is a well know English supplement

Sage Herb
A gentle choice
Sage has been seen as a cure-all throughout history. The botanical name of the sage genus Salvia is from the Latin verb salvere meaning to save, and refers to its considerable medical reputation in ancient times.

By the tenth century it had acquired the reputation of giving immortality! Sage grows in most gardens and is now a common kitchen herb.

The purple or red variety of the herb, is the strongest. Sage has good antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is prescribed as a treatment, by herbalists, for many aliments.

For persistent and recurrent coughs and allergies. As an antiseptic wash for dirty wounds, wounds that are slow to heal. As a gargle and mouth wash for sore throats and inflamed gums. It is also given to stimulate circulation and strengthen digestion.

Sage has a soothing and calming effect and helps reduce excessive sweating especially due to anxiety. In feverish conditions sage can make a cooling tonic. Well recognised for its use as a women's tonic, sage is used for all stages of the monthly cycle.

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Chasteberry (agnus castus)

It is extremely popular now in most western countries.

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Chasteberry, Wild Yam &
     Dong Quai Combination

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Female imbalances, menstrual

This formula contains (60% Chasteberry, 20% Wild Yam and 20% Dong Quai)

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As well as its uses for women, Sage is a popular herb for coughs and tickly throats etc.

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