These herbs are very popular and help improve blood flow and strengthen the body.

They have been carefully sourced from renewable sources and their quality is second to none. We do not reduce the strength of the herbs in any way. Nor do we combine them with any fillers or binders.

If you need any more information or advice then please let us know.

Cayenne Herb and its Amazing Properties

CayenneA Traditional spice and condiment, cayenne is widely used in Mexican and East Asian cuisines. Also known as Capsicum, its botanical name is derived from a Greek word meaning 'to bite'.

It is closely related to the other species of pepper, especially the sweet red and chilli pepper. However, cayenne is the species which is used medicinally for its stimulant, antiseptic actions and its digestive properties.

This is a magical herb and has numerous external and internal uses. Internally cayenne is considered one of the best circulatory stimulants. It stimulates all parts and systems involved with blood flow.

Its stimulating properties also extend to the digestive system, by stimulating the flow of saliva and stomach secretions.

Here is a picture of the products available. We only use the freshest, cayenne peppers available and the production process is time consuming. We do not cut any corners in ensuring the high strength of this product.

Cayenne pepper tincture

Caution: Large amounts of cayenne can irritate the gastrointestinal system and it is better to start with small amounts before increasing quantities. We suggest one drop three times a day to start with. You can then increase this up to a maximum of 10 drops at a time after a week or two.

Hawthorn Berry Herb - Benefits and uses

HawthornA small native European tree, widespread in hedges, along road sides and field boundaries. It has greyish bark, tough, thorny and gnarled branches. Leaves are dark-green and deeply lobed. Clusters of white flowers appear May to June followed by red berries in the autumn.

Hawthorn is valued for its strengthening and normalising effect on the circulation system. Studies have shown it dilates the blood vessels and outlying parts of the body, thereby greatly improving blood flow. Also that it improves the pumping action, controls both high and low blood pressure and slows down a fast beat.

Studies have shown that both the berries and the flowers are astringent* and useful in the treatment of sore throats.

*astringent - causing contraction of the body tissues, checking blood flow, or restricting secretions of fluids.

Wild-harvested Nettle has many uses and benefits

NettleNettle is native to temperate regions of Europe and Asia. It is now widely distributed throughout the world. It grows abundantly in waste ground, hedgerows, ditches and gardens. Often considered a nuisance and weed it is important to the life cycle of many insects and holds great value as a natural healer.

Nettle oil preceded paraffin and the plants juice was used to curdle milk and help to make cheese!

Nettle has a long history of medical use. The Romans used to rub the leaves on their bodies to restore circulation to limbs numbed by the British winters. Nettle also contains vitamin C and iron, and increases the absorption of the latter. This makes it useful in cases of iron deficiency related illnesses according to research.

Studies show that nettle is a circulatory stimulant, helps prevent haemorrhaging and can be used in treating nose bleeds. Nettle is also been known to mildly lower blood sugar levels.

Nettle tea offers great relief to hayfever symptoms. This is probably due to the nettles antihistamine qualities. There are numerous other uses.

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 Cayenne 50ml bottle £8.95 

The cayenne plant as seen growing in the wild

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  Hawthorn leaves and berries
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 Nettle 50ml bottle £7.95 

Most people think of stinging nettles as a nuisance. But the leaves contain numerous helpful nutrients and chemicals. They can be used to help with summer allergies, improving circulation and as a source of natural iron.

 Nettle 100ml bottle £13.95