Increasing stamina and energy levels

There are a number of additional herbs which can help with building stamina and endurance. Different herbs can have some "overlapping" properties, as in the case with these herbs here.

Ginseng is the most well known herbs for stamina, but kelp and lemon balm can have similar effects, but achieved in different ways, as well as having other benefits. Read on for more information:

Ginseng and its various uses and benefits

Ginseng originated in the Far East and it is now very widely used. The root is the active part of the plant and it contains ingredients which help the body cope with stress and it replenishes energy.

Ginseng root
Ginseng Root
It has a number of other properties and these include strengthening the immune system and increases concentration.

Some of its uses include for exhaustion, when a person lacks concentration or feeling weakness. It also has something of a reputation to help with loss of sex drive.

More than just a placebo

Studies seem to indicate that this goes beyond just a placebo effect and for some people it can be very effective in this regard.

It is commonly used with other herbs to help in getting rid of persistent infections. It is thought it helps because it promotes cellular regrowth and helps build cell walls at a slightly faster pace.

One of its more unusual uses has been in easing the effects of jet lag and this helps to show just how useful and versatile this age old herb really can be. It is often used alongside ginger as a natural travel sickness remedy.

Kelp is a wonder of nature and has many benefits

Kelp is a relatively common seaweed found in the U.S. and Europe. Its other common name is Bladderwrack.

Kelp is high in iodine, a key mineral that the body must have in order to produce thyroid hormones. It is very popular in Japan and it forms part of the meal called sushi, which is usually fish or vegetables with rice, wrapped in kelp.

Thyroid disease is practically unknown in Japan but Japanese people who live in the West and consume little or no kelp have shown a steady rise in thyroid disorders.

Kelp has many all round uses and is a highly nutritious source of natural vitamins and protein

kelp capsules
Our Kelp supplements
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Kelp is a very soothing plant and it is a nourishing tonic. It has successfully been used in the treatment of dry skin and cellulite. Studies have shown that regular use will assist joints and assist proper blood flow.

It has a very high protein content and it has many natural vitamins and minerals. It can be used as a daily supplement and it is growing in popularity in the west. It became very popular in the 60's following a greater awareness of some of the bountiful harvests found in the oceans.

There is a growing awareness of careful harvesting, to ensure stocks do not become depleted.

Lemon Balm, blood circulation and mental clarity

Lemon Balm
Lemon Balm
It is a native plant of southern Europe but now a common garden herb through out the world.

Lemon Balm is a perennial with oval yellowish green leaves, which have a strong lemon scent when crushed and white flowers in late summer.

Its botanical name is Melissa Officinalis and its also known as heart's delight.

Lemon Balm has been used medicinally since the 17th century. Also used extensively in cooking, and is the basis of some cordials.

Studies have suggested that Lemon Balm helps to reduce excessive blood pressure. It has a calming and regulating effect on the menstrual cycle and is often prescribed for the ease of menstrual cramps and alleviation of scanty menstruation.

It is also used as a calmative for many digestion difficulties, including flatulence. Lemon Balm has good antiviral and anti-histamine properties.

Recent studies have also confirmed the age old belief that Lemon Balm can help mental function and memory.

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Ginseng, Kelp & Lemon Balm
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 Ginseng 50ml bottle £7.95 
Ginseng root
Ginseng Root

This herb has long been known for its long-term energy boosting powers. Ancient warriors used to chew sticks of dried ginseng before battle to help give them strength to defeat their enemies.

 Ginseng 100ml bottle  £12.95 
 Ginseng 60 capsules £7.95 
 Ginseng 120 capsules £12.95 
 Kelp 50ml bottle £8.95 
Kelp Leaves

Large beds of kelp can be found in many of the worlds oceans and they bring food and shelter to many species. The carefully dried leaves of kelp provide an exceptional source of protein and natural vitamins and minerals for humans.

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 Kelp 60 capsules £7.95 
 Kelp 120 capsules £13.95 
 Lemon Balm 50ml bottle £8.95 
Lemon Balm
Lemon Balm leaf

This is carefully dried and put into capsules. Fresh leaves are used to make the liquid tincture. It is often used to try and achieve mental improvements as well as to ease digestion.

 Lemon Balm 100ml bottle £14.95 
 Lemon Balm 60 capsules £8.95 
 Lemon Balm 120 capsules £14.95 
 Lemon Balm Tea
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For best results, this should be used with the capsules or the liquid bottles above.

We usually recommend 2 to 4 capsules a day. Most people take 3 capsules a day, one at breakfast time, one at lunch and one with the evening meal.

The liquids can be taken at similar times and approximately 15 to 20 drops are taken each time. (The bottles allow drops to be counted out).