Amazing Clove - See article below

clove capsulesClove has been used for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years to help eliminate parasitic eggs and worm infections.

It is usually used in conjunction with Wormwood and Black Walnut Hull extract to form a complete anti parasite remedy.

The clove we use is organic and is freshly ground into a powder. This ensures that the strength of the clove is at its maximum.

You can see more information about clove below as well as a picture of the complete anti parasite kit. If you would like further information please let us know.

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Anti Parasite: Package
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120 Capsules
(Egg killer)

Black Walnut Hull Tincture
50ml bottle
(extra strength)
(Adult & Larval stages)

120 Capsules
(Adult & Larval stages)

One complete anti parasite kit

120 Clove Capsules
120 Wormwood Capsules
50ml Black Walnut Hull Tincture
 (extra strength)

Step by step, simple instructions

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One Ultimate Anti-Parasite Program
As well as the Parasite Kit above, if you have a sluggish digestive system and feel you could benefit from a cleanse, we suggest this package.

This Ultimate Anti-Parasite Program includes the Intestinal Colon Cleanse we call Detox 1 & 2

As well as this, 120 capsules of superfood are included to help maintain optimum vitamin and mineral levels.

Doing a cleanse before the anti parasite kit can provide the optimum solution.

one Ultimate anti parasite program

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Two Ultimate Anti-Parasite Programs
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two Ultimate anti parasite kits

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The Complete Anti Parasite Kit
clove, wormwood and black walnut kit
(The kit also comes with full instructions.)

Organic Clove - information and uses

Killing Parasite eggs

Young cloves a few weeks away from harvestingParasites lay eggs, often thousands every day. According to most researchers, parasite eggs can be destroyed by cloves and/or clove oil. Many parasites hide in the folds of the large intestine or under the membrane lining of the intestines. When the eggs hatch, there is often some acute pain or discomfort and usually the need to go to the bathroom immediately.


Cloves are one of the most antibacterial spices known. Those with some familiarity with herbal medicine know that cloves or clove oil can be used to numb pain due to dental infection and part of the reason clove works so well is that it alleviates the infection. Cloves are antiseptic, bactericidal, and antiparasitic.

Superb health properties

Flowering cloves with the hard brown clove podsCloves are said to have a positive effect on stomach ulcers, it may be used to lessen nausea, vomiting and flatulence and to stimulate the digestive system. It has powerful local antiseptic and mild anaesthetic actions.


Cloves contain sesquiterpenes, these have been shown to have significant activity in inducing certain detoxifying enzymes. Cloves have a great parasite killing ability, no other natural substance has been found to be as effective at killing the eggs of parasites in the body.

Powerful Combination

Used in conjunction with Wormwood and Black Walnut, it makes an unbeatable combination in the battle against parasites.

Parasite article

The subject of parasites can be disturbing, but it is important to try and overcome any squeamishness. Here is another article including pictures - Click here.

Intestinal Cleansing

For maximum results we often recommend doing an intestinal cleanse beforehand, especially if you have a sluggish bowel or are lacking energy etc. After this cleanse is done, it can mean the parasitic herbs are better able to attack the worms and parasites. Here you can find out more information about the detox programs.