Human parasites and worms - the trouble they cause

Parasites and worms may not be something you think about very often. However, a rapidly growing number of experts now realise that many types of parasites commonly infect humans. And you don't have to live in an exotic country to catch them. Take a few minutes and read more about this potentially very damaging condition. Take action and don't leave it to chance. Get rid of them safely and naturally - Do a parasite cleanse.

Clove Black Walnut and Wormwood Herbs
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Did you know this about parasites?

  • Over 270 types of known parasites and worms can harm you.
  • You don't have to live in a tropical country to be affected.
  • Parasites can affect you for years unless you do something about them.
  • Worms and parasites can be passed from person to person rather easily.
  • Black walnut, wormwood and clove are natural worm treatments.

It used to be thought that you would only get worms or parasites if you lived in the middle of the Amazon or parts of Africa. That was until doctors and scientists, using modern technical breakthroughs, confirmed what natural health practitioners had been saying for years. That worms and parasites are very common and contribute to many illnesses and diseases and there are many symptoms. You can see pictures of a small selection of worms and parasites at the bottom of this page.

Get rid of parasites and intestinal worms

Over the last few years more people have become aware of the harm that parasites can cause. Because of this more and more people have done some kind of cleanse and detox program. Now many books have been written on these subjects, some by authors who have become quite famous in their fields.

Our own research and feedback during the last nine years has enabled us to fine tune the best natural approach to take, and so eliminate this parasite problem.

Many customers choose to go straight onto the basic parasite cleanse. This consists of taking black walnut tincture, clove and wormwood. You simply follow the step by step instructions in the course of treatment. (By the way we only use the freshest, strongest ingredients. We have built our reputation on supplying the best quality herbs. We don't settle for second best. Compare our herbs strength and freshness to any other company's and you will see the difference - here's some independent proof).

Different types of parasites can eat away things, even wood and logs

Our recommendation:

For some people, we have discovered that it helps to also do a detox program before doing the parasite cleanse. By doing this intestinal cleanse detox first (our Detox 1 & 2 program), the colon and intestines become well cleaned out. Then the action of the parasite cleanse ingredients is enhanced. They can even more effectively deal with the worms and parasites.

So doing the Detox 1 and 2 program first, followed immediately by the parasite and worm cleanse has become the most popular way to handle parasites properly.

Because of this demand we have put together the "Ultimate Human Anti Parasite Kit".

We have also further reduced the price so that two people can do it at the same time and save some money because of the bulk buy discount. For example a husband and wife or two friends can do it together.

Do I have to do the detox part first? The answer is no. The basic anti parasite program can be done on its own. If you don't have any trouble going to bathroom, aren't much overweight and you don't feel a bit bunged up then you can just do the basic anti parasite program. But if you really want to be sure and you also want the many benefits of doing an intestinal detox cleanse first, then we highly recommend you do the full program.

The Ultimate Human Anti Parasite Program

This program is made up of our Detox 1 and 2 colon cleanse followed by the basic anti parasite program.

Firstly you do our effective Detox program. This consists of following the simple instructions contained in our Detox 1 program and then completing the Detox 2 program.

Once the intestinal and colon cleanse has been completed (Detox 1 and 2), you then go straight onto the basic anti parasite programs.

What we also discovered was that by taking the Superfood supplement during this time you were giving your body an easy to absorb source of natural vitamins, minerals and energy. This helps to make the whole program even more effective.

It is very simple to do

The whole program is very simple to do and full step by step instructions are included with every order.

This program can be done whilst working or at home. It doesn't matter. It requires no special cooking. You can conveniently do this as part of your normal every day routine.

The only thing is that you must have access to the bathroom. This does not mean you will be going to the bathroom every five minutes. That's not the case but you will probably find you need to go to the bathroom a little more than normal.

This might appear to be an inconvenience but lets get serious here for a minute. The whole point of the program is to get rid of decaying waste and nasty infestations. A few more trips to the bathroom is a small price to pay. It's far better to do this than face even more severe consequences later on.

Even trees can be harmed

It's not a pleasant topic but don't let that stop you.

We know this subject is not the nicest thing to have to think about, but don't be squeamish. There is no shame or embarrassment in having worms or parasites. It is just a fact of life on this planet. They are trying to survive too! But you can do something about it. First, you just have to decide to do it and recognise the symptoms.

When you are on the program, you may or may not see the worms or parasites come out. As you may know, many are quite tiny and also take on the color of your stools. But you will be killing and getting rid of these harmful organisms. If you ever want to check this you can examine the stool or get your stools tested and you will see for yourself.

Some bacteria are very good for the human body and in fact we need them. But don't confuse the healthy bacteria with these harmful parasites and worms that literally live off you and give nothing in return.

The Oxford Dictionary describes a parasite as:

"an organism that lives in or on the body from which it obtains nourishment. This host body does not benefit from the association and is often harmed by it".

Don't let parasites or worms control how you feel. Order your Ultimate Anti Parasite program now and benefit from the discounted combined package prices shown below.

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One Ultimate Anti-Parasite program

This includes the wormwood, clove, black walnut hull tincture, detox 1, detox 2 and superfood.

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Two Ultimate Anti-Parasite programs
It can be a great idea to do cleansing with a partner and this is why we created this two person package.

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