Not all health companies and products are the same.

Here's some proof about why Organic Nutrition is different and how it was voted number 1 in independent tests.

Which brand to choose?

You may have walked into a health shop or visited other online health stores and thought that different brands of health products were the same. You may have thought that one herbal product is just like another. Maybe you've had difficulty in deciding which brand to choose?

Here are the facts:

  • Not all health companies' products are what they say they are.
  • Most companies add fillers, binders and dilute their products.
  • Not every company gives a 100% money back guarantee.
  • Thankfully, not every health product is created this same bad way.

Organic Nutrition are different.

You may have noticed that one of the slogans we use is "full-strength health products". We truly feel that our health products are better than the other diluted brands that are available. Now we have proof that this is the case.

Independent Tests

Proof! Magazine awarded Organic Nutrition its full FIVE STAR rating.Our products were subject to independent laboratory tests along with eight other well known companies and brands.

An independent international organisation called "What Doctors Don't Tell You Ltd" carried out the laboratory tests. It published its findings in its famous magazine called "Proof". This publication operates in a similar manner to the well known "Which?" magazine but concentrates in the health field and alternative health in particular.

Awarded 5 Star Rating

The clear winner was Organic Nutrition - the only company to receive its full five star rating.

One product was chosen at random by them and all the leading brands were compared. We didn't know any of this was being done until the after the results were published and sent to us.

The randomly chosen product was Goldenseal and we would like to point out that all of our products are produced to these same high standards. We guarantee that no competitors' products will contain higher levels of active ingredients or you get your money back. In fact we go one step further than this. We offer an unconditional money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Organic Nutrition - Choose the best available.

We only include fresh organic herbs and natural ingredients of the very highest quality available. We believe this is vital to ensure the maximum likelihood of reaching all of the potential health benefits. You want results and we do our utmost to give them to you. If you want to get well and achieve optimum health you have to make sure that the health products you choose are excellent. We now have independent proof that this is the case.

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Their report stated that our five star product gave twice the strength of the next best product. This is actually quite amazing and even we were surprised to see such a large difference in our competitors' standards.

"Proof!" use a measurement that they call TAI's per £, which means the "Total Active Ingredient per Pound or Dollar Spent".

Twice the strength of the closest competitor

We had twice the amount of the leading competitor and almost four times better value for money than the next best. Of the other 8 companies tested we were up to 10 times better value for money in terms of active ingredients.

This is a huge difference and two of the other companies were severely criticised because the laboratory tests actually found no active ingredients in their products as they had used an inferior substitute!

A great independent test result

This extremely positive test of the Organic Nutrition products is great for everyone. It confirms independantly, that we only use the best organic herbs available. It also confirms that the exclusively private organic farms and growers we contract with are also doing a great job for us and for you.

All of our products are available only direct from us and this cuts out huge layers of overheads. This means we don't have to add fillers to our products to keep the costs down. Also, we firmly believe that to get well or healthy you must use supplements of the highest quality. This is our number one goal and we will not compromise on quality. Call us health fanatics if you want to, but we know top quality makes a difference.

This combined with great prices means we come out on top!

The website and link of the organisation that carried out these tests is:

- (What Doctors Don't Tell You)

This internationally recognised organisation has thousands and thousands of members worldwide and has been in operation for over 17 years. The credibility and reputation they have is second to none.

Five Star Rating

Here is a word for word extract of their conclusion:

"RATING - FIVE STARS out of FIVE STARS - Organic Nutrition is a company based in West Sussex (England) and Florida (USA), producing a range of exclusively organic products manufactured using gentle processes to ensure maximum strength.

This pack of powdered capsules is high strength, delivering 18mg of berberine and 13mg of hydrastine per capsule - the highest in our lab test - making it the best value for money at 268mg of TAI's per £. At 9 per cent, its TAI's are well up on international standards."

The second best competitor's product in the test had only 135 mg of TAI's per £ and all of the others had less than 84mg of TAI's per £. "

In simple terms, these tests showed our products to be almost twice the strength of the next leading brand, and even stronger than the rest.

What this means is better value for money and a more effective health product.

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