Superfood Green Energy Drinks

Perhaps you have tried a green drink supplement before, but maybe you haven't.

It is important to realise that they are not all manufactured in the same way and also the ingredients can vary a great deal. We will mention this more a this later.

What is a Green drink?

The term "green" drink not only describes the drink's colour, but it is also a general term which is meant to indicate that it is made from natural ingredients and that they are healthy.

In the modern world there is apparently no shortage of good food to eat. In reality, most of us live quite busy lives and perhaps don't look too closely at what we eat or what the packet says etc.

We tend to eat more convenience foods and if we are not careful, we can regularly end up eating food which is nutritionally poor.

The result of this can be weight gain and despite eating more food, we often still feel hungry at times and also lack the energy that we instinctively feel we should have.

Why a green super food drink is popular:

Over the years, more and more people have searched for energy and nutritional answers and have realised that taking a green drink even a few times a week can make a big difference.

Not only can energy be increased there is also the satisfying feeling one gets when you know you are doing something positive for your health and doing the right thing.

How to take the green food supplement:

You simply take a heaped teaspoon of the powder and mix it with a glass of juice of your choice. Some of the best juices to use include apple juice, orange, carrot and grape.

Just put a heaped teaspoon into an empty glass or cup and pour in the amount of juice you want and stir it up.

We suggest that you do this at breakfast time and up to three other times spread throughout the day. Try to make a quick drink at least once a day. Make this into a good habit.

A green energy drink is a convenient, tasty and very effective way to get some of the vital nutrition your body is crying out for.

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If you want to try superfood but don't like the idea of a drink, we have made superfood available in capsules. For some people this is an easier way to take the supplement.

Choose natural ingredients

We recommend that a green drink should consist of natural food sources and that doesn't use man-made vitamins to make the list of ingredients seem more impressive.

We suggest that a good time to take a green drink is at breakfast. This gives a great start to the day and should give you a good spurt of energy early on, to help get you through the day well.

If you can, it is a good idea to take it more than once a day.

If you are engaged in sport or a fitness regime, try to take it at least twice if it is convenient to do so. Sometimes you may wish to take a green drink up to four times a day. For example at breakfast, lunch, dinner and just before bed time. You can do this if you are feeling particularly run down and lacking energy.

Take it in a healthy juice drink

Superfood is best mixed with a healthy juice such as apple, orange, carrot or any other that you prefer.

When you buy juice to combine with the green superfood powder, try to make sure the juice is as fresh as possible. Try not to buy juice that is made from concentrate. Use the freshest juice available. Most supermarkets now have an excellent supply of different juices made from whole fruits.

For the ultimate in freshness and hence maximum vitality, try to make a drink using fresh juice that you have prepared yourself. The combination of life giving superfood powder and fresh home made juice is wonderful. More and more people are finding out about the tremendous benefits juicing brings. Take this a big step further and add superfood to your juice drink.

Why we recommend that you try Superfood:

One of the great things about our superfood powder (and capsules) is that it is a concentrated food and energy source. Many of our competitors use weaker ingredients and their directions for use may say "take a heaped desert spoonful" or even a large tablespoon.

With our product you only need to take a heaped teaspoon at a time. This is because we don't add any bulk fillers such as soya or rice powder - just concentrated natural goodness.

Try superfood for a couple of weeks and you should start to notice the difference. Let us know if you find your hair, nails and skin also seem healthier. This is a common thing that we hear about over and over again.

Natural vitamins & minerals are easier to absorb.

Everyone know's how important it is to make sure you get sufficient vitamins and minerals. Your body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals every day for good health.

At a cellular level, your body is designed to give each of the cells the nutrition it needs. Each cell tries to absorb the building blocks it requires from the blood stream and fluids that surround it.

If there is good nutrition available then this is easier for each individual cell.

Man made vitamins are harder to absorb

Man made vitamins have quite similar chemical structures to their natural counterparts. However, in nature, vitamins exist alongside enzymes, and a full spectrum of other vitamins and minerals.

Often without these other natural supporting elements, a man made vitamin can't be fully absorbed. A proportion will be absorbed, but much will be wasted. This is why a very high percentage of man made vitamins and minerals are urinated away. They are better than nothing, but they are not as good for your body as natural sources.

Vital for cellular energy

It is much easier for the cells to absorb what they need, when all the supporting chemicals naturally occurring in super foods are present.

There is less strain for each cell. At a microscopic level, the biological chemical reactions which eventually pass through the cell walls, occur quicker. There is less waste for each cell to eliminate and because of this each cell is able to release it's energy when you need it.

The easier your cells can process the nutrients they need, the easier they can dispose of their waste products and the easier they are able to release energy at the right time for you.

Superfood is an excellent food supplement which provides numerous vitamins, minerals and protein to the billions of cells your body is made up of.

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