Reasons why Superfood is so good:

Many modern health food supplements are made from man-made synthetic compounds and ingredients. Taking vitamin and mineral supplements may improve your health but they are often not natural.

However, you can now have the best of both worlds!

Superfood is made from only the finest natural ingredients and there is numerous scientific data regarding each of the ingredients. We have attempted to take the best of the best and combine them into a formula which is balanced and offers the best all round nutritional profile.

Man-made synthetic supplements can't reproduce natures' comprehensive profile. Many enzymes, vitamins and other chemical compounds are combined in nature to ensure rapid absorption by the body. Synthetic substitutes do not contain all of these compounds and studies have shown that their absorption rate is rapidly reduced.

The vast majority of man-made supplements are eliminated by the body, with only a small proportion of the nutrition actually being absorbed.

As well as being natural our Superfood is composed only of organic and wild harvested ingredients, so ensuring that there are no toxic substances entering your body.

Superfood - Additional serving suggestions:

Superfood takes on a whole new delicious taste when mixed with olive oil and pressed garlic and spread over a whole grain bread and topped with tomatoes or used to stuff celery.
It is also good sprinkled on a salad with an oil and vinegar dressing. Examples of two super dressings:

Oil Dressing:
Fill a third of a cup with organic, cold pressed olive oil, add a few cloves of chopped up garlic.

Add a few finely chopped fresh herbs such as Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Parsley, Sage or Tarragon etc. Mix up using a fork.

Add a few spoons of Superfood powder and mix in as you add it.

Within a few seconds you should get a paste like consistency which can be spread onto bread, toast, crackers, added to salads as a dressing or used to top off a pasta dish.

Vinegar Dressing: 16 ounces of organic, apple cider vinegar, 6 ounces fresh, unpeeled, finely chopped ginger. Add both together and let stand overnight before using.

Salad: Lay a bed of "Spring Mix" salad greens on a dinner plate. Top with one mound of fresh, shredded carrots and one mound of fresh, shredded beets.

This is the main body of the salad. You can vary the toppings each day, so you won't get bored. One day you can use tomatoes, cucumbers and celery. Another day avocado, onion and olives. Another day, sprouts and Greek olives.

The point is that you try to use the main ingredients and vary the toppings. Everything should be organic. After you've made the salad, sprinkle a generous amount of Superfood on top (2 heaped teaspoons). Then put the OIL dressing on top of the Superfood. Now sprinkle some of the VINEGAR dressing on top of the whole thing, if you prefer.

As an alternative you can pour out a bit of the made up vinegar dressing into a cup or jar and mix in the superfood. Then add this mixture to your main meal.

The possibilities are endless and delicious! Plus you are getting the best nutrition possible.

Superfood - Juice drink suggestion:

SuperFood makes an extremely tasty wholesome nutritious drink when added to juice of your choice.

Almost any juice drink can be used. We found that some of the best are apple juice & superfood, carrot juice & superfood and orange juice and superfood.

Try to buy organic juice drinks. Ideally you should purchase your own juicer if you don't already have one and make your own juice drinks.

Try not to use juice made from 'concentrate'. This has been denatured to a greater or lesser extent and can be quite acidic.

Add as much superfood as suits your taste. Anything from 1 teaspoon to as much as two tablespoons.

Taking a drink first thing in the morning sets one up for the day.

This simple addition to ones diet can be beneficial in a quest to lose weight. Taking the drink supplies a great deal of the daily nutrient requirements and because of this cravings for certain foods may be reduced.

One tends to overeat when the body needs to get more nutrients and the nutritional profile of many modern foods is sadly lacking, causing the body to compensate and crave more.

Superfood - will I like the taste?

We have created a blend of organic and wild harvested superfoods which tastes delicious.

You may have tried some "green food supplements" before and not liked the taste, but we believe ours is different. Many people eat it at almost every meal and we get huge numbers of repeat orders for superfood.

Once you have used it for a short while you will notice the difference, or your money back!

We firmly believe that you should try it.

It can also be mixed with other foods such as salad, pasta, olive oil etc. In fact a wonderful spread can be made by mixing superfood with some olive oil and chopped up garlic and/or herbs.

This can be added to salads or spread on toast, waffles or muffins etc.

Order now - your body will thank you for it!