We are very fortunate that this planet has some truly wonderful super foods. All we have to do is eat them more often!

Mother nature in her profound wisdom has provided a long list of super foods which anyone can make use of.

These range from simple berries all the way up to more complex super foods such as certain fishes and animals that we can eat.

If you are a vegetarian there are still plenty of wonderful food sources which a person can eat to get all the nutrition they need.

So why then are there so many health problems?

The trouble is that in this day and age, there are also many bad food choices available to each of us. They are carefully created by the large food manufacturers to tempt us into having that first bite. Once that occurs, the chances are quite high that their efforts will pay off and cause us to taste even more!

In small amounts this isn't usually a problem and in fact a lot of the food we buy today tastes delicious. Unfortunately not all of it is very good for us and in fact it can be harmful to our health in many cases.

Nutritionally poor food

Eating very tasty but nutritionally poor food can lead us into eating too much and literally piling the weight on. Week after week, month after month - junk food is consumed and slowly but surely, the pounds creep up and up.

Anyone can take some action and improve their diet and so boost their nutrition. But you have to find out a little more about the foods you are currently eating and about what are good foods.

Make a decision and feel the changes quickly

If you start to cut down on some of the junk food and start eating some of the nutritionally dense foods (the various "superfoods"), you can quickly start to feel more energetic and healthier.

You can really notice the difference and even lose a few pounds, just by eating healthier foods more often.

One of the simple reasons this works is that your body first of all doesn't need to eat as much to feel nutritionally satisfied.

Secondly, you are not exposing yourself to quite so many carefully crafted concoctions from the manufacturers. These concoctions are literally designed to get you to eat more. By cutting down on these foods you actually begin to desire less food overall.

You are battling against many laboratory designed chemicals

Scientists employed by large food manufacturers can literally be employed to create new chemical compounds designed to make junk food taste good and to increase your cravings.

By eating less junk, the chemicals in this poor food are not causing the cells in your body to scream out for more. The battle between your body's cries and your willpower is reduced because you are not pumping up your body with bad foods.

You don't even have to go to extremes here. Let common sense prevail. The occasional "treat" even daily won't do you much harm so long as the bulk of your diet is ok. The trouble is many people think their diet is ok because they believe too much about what a manufacturer is telling them.

There is no shortcut for knowledge in this. You do have to be on your guard about what you eat and you do have to educate yourself about what is good food and what is junk. Reading the labels in not enough but it is a start. Make it good habit to find out about what you are actually eating. Within a few weeks you will get a feel for what is healthy and what really isn't.

Is there any good news?

The good news is that there is a sort of short cut where good food is concerned. If you eat some super foods each day you will soon see the difference.

Great foods include things like, blueberries, wheatgrass, salmon, tuna, chicken, brown rice, wholemeal foods, grains, currants, spirulina, barley grass, certain vegetables such as carrots, beet and many fruits such as apple, oranges and a whole host of other natural foods.

If possible you should try to eat organic foods if possible. If you can't then try to eat food that is as fresh as possible.

We have created a natural food supplement called superfood which contains a wonderful blend of concentrated super foods.

There is an old saying referring to your body which says " you are what you eat". Common sense says that there is a lot of truth in this. By making Superfood a part of your daily eating pattern you are helping to protect your future.

By the way, you don't have to be overweight to use superfood. Anyone can benefit. Even athletes will benefit and help maintain their prime health.

Read more about it and then decide to try it. We think you will be very happy with the results.

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