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Our products are Guaranteed

We believe that the quality of our products can't be beaten and this is why we offer a quibble free guarantee. We know what it takes to achieve good health and we take pride in making available only the highest quality natural ingredients.

We want you to be satisfied with your health products and service and if you are not happy for any reason we will replace the goods or refund the cost of your goods. It's your choice.


If you would like your goods replaced for any reason, such as damage in transit etc. Please let us know and we will replace them at no cost.

Money Back Guarantee.

We sincerely believe in the quality of our products and that they can't be beaten for strength, purity, freshness and effectiveness.

However, in the rare event that you are not satisfied we will refund the cost of the products if you do want your money back.

We want you to use our health products and we are committed to helping you in your health quest. So for your peace of mind when ordering we have this unbeatable guarantee.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Full-Strength Products

None of our products are diluted or weakened by adding fillers or binders. We believe in only selling products of the very highest quality.

We will not compromise on this fact. This is why we fully support the use of organic ingredients.

Your health is important and you should always aim to use only the best supplements. Don't waste money on poor quality supplements which your body won't absorb properly.

Buy the best available.

A small selection of testimonials on file

We get numerous testimonials each week and here is just a small selection of some we have received:

quote marks I was trying to find good quality organic products for ages...glad I heard about you. quote marks - Mrs C.H. (UK)


quote marks Your superfood is contains everything I need. quote marks - Mr. P.E. (USA)


quote marks We were a bit shocked when we saw what came out. ...definitely recommend the detox program and parasite cleanse. Will do it again later in the year. quote marks - Mr & Mrs D.K. (UK)


quote marks Just thought I'd write to let you know the product was the best I've arrived quickly. Also I love your free newsletter. Keep up the good work! quote marks - Ms F.C. (Germany)


quote marks ...I found your site to be very informative... quote marks - Mrs N.S. (UK)


quote marks Dear Sir, thank for all the great product that you carry on net for people all over world like me to order even am in Japan... quote marks - Mr J.L. (Japan)


quote marks Thank you for sending me the information I requested. I can now make an informed purchasing choice. quote marks - Mrs P.N. (Portugal)


quote marks ...thanks for your prompt response and thank you for your excellent service. quote marks - Mrs M.P. (USA)

Full details of these and hundreds of others are on file for viewing.

natural approaches to good health

Herbal Remedies and our philosophy:

Welcome to Organic Nutrition. We supply herbal remedies of the highest quality. All of our ingredients are organic or wild harvested. They are very effective and strong. Our herbal remedies have an excellent reputation and we are convinced that you can't buy better.

Chasteberry/Agnus Castus - See more informationWe offer a full range of herbal extracts in tincture form. A tincture is the name given to the method of extracting the active ingredients from the herbs. The liquid we use to extract the medicinal properties is a mix of organic grain alcohol and distilled water. This produces a very strong herbal formula and usually just a few drops are all that are needed.

Our range of products includes individual herbal tinctures and a number of tincture formulas designed for specific health reasons.
We also sell individual organic herbs in capsules which are suitable for vegetarians.

Ginkgo Biloba - See more information.As well as our products and herbal remedies designed for specific ailments we also sell a range of formulas to provide all of the nutrient, vitamin, mineral and protein requirements to help maintain optimum health.

Last and by no means least, we are currently developing a number of slimming products to enable weight loss to occur in a sensible, safe and successful way. The first of these is available now.

For access to our full range of products please click on the product link at the top and consider registering for the free newsletter.

Best Wishes from,

Organic Nutrition

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