(Part 2 - Detox Diet Cleanse - Tips and Ideas)

The nutrients we absorb from food can be very dependent on a healthy digestive system - especially healthy intestines and colon. Our intestines work hard each day and night and if we do not look after them, then problems can arise. Doing an intestinal cleanse may help to overcome the wear and tear that our intestines go through eating modern foods.

healthy foods, fruits and vegetables A healthy digestive system is essential for a healthy body. Food to us is like fuel for a car. Food gives us the energy to work and the better the grade of food we eat, the more energy we can usually obtain.

If you eat lots of foods that contain man-made chemicals or too much fat, salt and sugar, it can, over time, make it harder for your body to be able to absorb nutrients in the most optimal manner. In general, by eating healthier foods your body doesn’t have to work as hard to get rid of harmful chemicals and toxins.


Bad Diet and the Problems It Causes

Burgers and french friesOver time, years of bad diet and junk foods can put a heavy burden on the digestive system. There is even a school of thought that suggests you end up feeling hungrier when eating junk food. This theory says that your body doesn't get the nutrition it needs and so your body craves even more food. A double danger comes from the fact that junk foods tend to contain more chemical taste stimulants and appetite enhancers, so you end up wanting more.

One of the functions of the digestive system is to help the body to eliminate waste products and it does this via the large intestine/colon. The intestines themselves are a massively long tubethat allows nutrients to be passed into the blood and waste matter to be passed out of the body.


A Good Detox can help you Lose Weight

A good detox is an excellent kick-start to changing or improving your diet and one of the healthy “side-effects” is that it can put a person on the road to losing weight. Most of us often build up a few pounds of additional weight just from carrying around waste products. These get eliminated during an intestinal detox, which can help to give the digestive system a fresh start. Then it is easier to stick to any diet, usually with far fewer cravings.

The body is instinctively trying to survive. If it is easier for it to absorb nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins and minerals, then it will adjust its requirements for the volume consumed (less cravings).


A Healthy Cleanse could be very worthwhile

Helping to reinforce and cleanse your intestine can be very worthwhile. Better food absorption means the need for less food, obtaining more energy from the food we do eat and giving our intestines a much needed boost, considering how much work they do daily.

Many people notice benefits from doing a detox/intestinal cleanse and we hope you consider doing a detox program and get similar benefits.

A little detoxing, eating good quality fresh foods, a little exercise, and losing a few pounds can really make a difference to your energy levels and outlook on life.


What is an Intestinal Detox Cleanse?

Organic Nutrition's intestinal cleanse lasts approximately 2 to 3 weeks and it comes with a clear set of instructions to ensure you get the greatest benefit from the program.

It is a straightforward program and is not difficult to do. The instructions also mention some simple diet changes that can really boost things.

Gunk, waste and toxins in the colonThe detox program starts with Detox 1 which is specially formulated to gently increase internal muscular action. When this is achieved, the second part of the program, Detox 2, is started.  (This normally takes about 7 days)

Then Detox 2 is taken whilst continuing to take Detox 1.

The Detox 2 formula helps to remove toxins and decaying matter from the intestines and colon.  This double action of Detox 1 and 2 assists in the cleansing and invigoration of the intestinal tract.

There is a lot more information elsewhere on this website and we also have a special offer to celebrate spring. Here's the address of the web page with more details:

Intestinal Cleanse Details - click here

The usual price for the Intestinal Cleanse/Detox is:
Detox 1 - 120 capsules£15.95
Detox 2 - 180 capsules or powder£19.95
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For enhanced nutrition absorption, we highly recommend taking Superfood during and after your intestinal cleanse.


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