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Constipation can occur for anyone. Sometimes it can last just a few hours or for some people it can be a regular problem.

It is not a natural condition for the body to be in. It indicates that something isn't in good balance anymore and it is an early sign that you need to do something about it.

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What is constipation?
Some common causes of constipation
Don't let it become a long term problem
Some natural help is available
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Water and juicing - Is it relevant?
The right supplements
Other things that may help
Get the facts on cleansing

What about water and juicing?

A lack of water throughout your body is a large contributing factor to constipation. Water is essential to many bodily actions and elimination of waste is very high on the list. NOT tea, coffee or soft drink, but fresh clean WATER. Add some lemon or fresh fruit juice for flavour if needed, but drink water!

A common side effect of poor bowel function is a dry, hard stool or poop. This can be painful to pass and cause minor cuts in the skin inside the anal passage and anus. There can even be red blood on tissue paper which also indicates the poop is too hard. Lack of moisture in the poop is a sure sign that you are not drinking enough water. There can be other factors, but this is certainly one of them.

This subject can be a little hard to talk about which is surprising when you think about it. Every single living thing on this planet has waste of one form or another to get rid of. Humans are no different. We all have to do it!

As you no doubt know, there are many different words for poop, ranging from the scientific such as feces all the way to the more vulgar end of the spectrum. Have you ever wondered why poop is often called a stool? It is quite simple really...Before modern toilets were developed, people usually sat on a small stool when having a bowel movement and the word stool came to describe the poop itself.

Did you know that there is a kind of scale to represent the ideal poop consistency? Scientists and health researchers have discovered that the ideal consistency for poop is a soft sausage shape, which may float or sink slowly in the toilet bowl. (Yuck - Too much information!!). When you think about it, this also sounds like a common sense answer too. So the closer one's poop is to this the better. Looking at one's poop from time to time acts as a good indicator of how healthily our bowels, (intestines and colon etc.) are performing. This can help tell us what diet or lifestyle changes we may need to make.

It can often get a bit boring just drinking water, so there are other great ways to bet the liquids your body needs and they come with other useful advantages:

Juicing is a fantastic way of getting essential foods in a fast acting and refreshing way. A variety of delicious juices can be made if you have a juicing machine, alternatively fresh juices can be purchased. Avoid those made from concentrate and try to always buy organic juices. Prune juice is top of the list as a laxative, but apple-pear, asparagus and potato are also good.

decaying life and plants

The right herbal supplements can bring relief

Certain natural compounds found in nature have been shown to gentle stimulate the muscles in the digestive tract. Different chemicals produce slightly different reactions. Some help to increase blood flow to the area which helps one absorb nutrients from food more easily. Some chemical compounds have been shown to actually increase gentle muscular contractions in the intestines. This is great news to help the body process the food it has eaten and push out the waste products. These natural chemicals are found in some of the following herbs:

Psyllium husks, the tiny seeds of the plantain, contain a fibre called mucilage. Mucilage absorbs a great deal of fluid in the gut, the seeds swell and add bulk to the stool. The bulk presses on the walls of the colon, inducing the muscles to contract and the stool is passed.

It is very important to drink at least eight full glasses of water a day, or the digestive track will become blocked and uncomfortable. Psyllium also removes the sticky mucus and toxins from the bowel. They reduce acidity and increase urine flow.

Linseed also known as flax, is rich in fibre and essential fatty acids and can be used instead of psyllium husks. Again for the seeds to work effectively it is important for you to drink at least 1/4 pint (150 ml) of water per desert spoon of seeds.

Other things that may be able to help

Senna known to Arabian physicians as early as the ninth century as a food and dietary supplement, is an effective and long-established remedy for constipation. Senna contains a powerful natural laxative called anthraquinone.

It is best combined with such things as ginger or cloves that will improve taste and prevent griping pains. Anthraquinone laxatives should not be taken over long periods of time as they are very strong, and you should not become dependent on them. Aloe Vera also falls within this category.

Rhubarb contains a natural laxative chemical. It is also high in fibre. Its laxative action can be pretty powerful. Liquorice in large doses can be a laxative. Olive oil has a mild laxative action and can lower blood cholesterol levels.

Laxatives should never be abused. Use them for only as long as needed to let your body establish its own natural rhythm. Do not use constantly as you will become dependent on them and some may lose their potency as your body gets used to them. Always try to avoid harsh, artificial laxatives and use a natural one.

The benefits of doing an intestinal cleanse

If you feel bunged up you may be very interested in doing an intestinal cleanse. Cleaning out your intestines and bowels, although it may sound off-putting, is actually a fundamental health requirement. A healthy diet very rich in fibre can go a long way to maintaining good health, and a cleanse can help speed up this process.

It is vital for good health that your colon functions properly. And people often refuse to talk about it because it seems like a subject one shouldn't bring up.

Allowing waste to compact and build up is a sure fire long-term health disaster waiting to happen. You can clean out your system with the Detox 1 & 2 program and get on the road to a more energetic future.

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