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Is there any help for allergies?
Hay fever season can be a difficult time
Common "treatments" may not help much
How changes to your diet can help with some allergies
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This may be even better than vitamin C?
Some additional ideas to try
Ways to strengthen your immune system

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very important to a healthy diet and one becomes particularly susceptible to allergens when your body doesn't have enough Vitamin C.

Vitamin C decreases the permeability of cells. It has a powerful anti-histamine action and detoxifies foreign substances entering the body. Typical dosages can be up to 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C with Bioflavonoids three times a day.

The only known side effect of Vitamin C is occasional Diarrhoea if you take too much. So if you develop diarrhoea, cut back on your dosage until you find the correct level for you. Recent scare stories in the press have warned of mega high dosages of Vitamin C. We know of dozens of other stories which strongly recommend taking vitamin C supplements.

sailing boat coming into dock

A famous historical usage of vitamin C occurred during the sailing days of the British empire and of other naval countries such as Spain and France. It was discovered that on long journeys, most sailors did not get enough vitamin C in their diets and they developed a disease called scurvy and many died or developed gum disease and lost their teeth. It was discovered that the addition of Lemon Juice to their drinks fought off scurvy very effectively. Lemon is one of nature's best sources of vitamin C. The navy also used Lime's which were less effective than lemons, but this is where the origin of why some British people are called Limey's.

What is even better than a vitamin C supplement?

A number of major studies have now confirmed what we have been saying for years. Natural vitamin sources are far better for you than synthetic man made vitamins.

We have created a product called Superfood which is 100% natural and contains eleven of nature's most power-packed foods. It is full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. It contains the type of vitamins which your body can absorb easily. This is a great way to boost your immune system and help fight off allergies.

Superfood makes it easy to get the extra vitamins and minerals you need. It is very easy and convenient to use. You can mix a teaspoon into a drink of your choice such as apple juice, orange, carrot, or grape juice etc. or just plain water. Or you can buy it in our vegetable based capsule form if you prefer to take capsules.

The stronger and more efficient is your immune system, the more likely you are to ward off ailments, infections and even allergies.

Other things you can do

There are other things you could try, either in supplement form or as part of your diet.

These include Garlic, fresh papaya, fresh orange juice, bell pepper, cayenne pepper, poke weed shoots, guava and watercress, because they are all high in vitamin C.

Garlic and Onion should be added to the diet in generous amounts. These plants have high concentrations of natural compounds such as quercitin, which lessen inflammatory reactions. Garlic is a wonderful boost and fights off infection and helps maintain a healthy heart. Many people prefer to take Garlic supplements for convenience.

Food supplements of Nettle tincture (Urtica dioica) is another excellent idea.

How to make Nettle Tea

Many people have experienced some relief from summer colds or mild hayfever reactions by drinking nettle tea. It may sound a bit radical or even dangerous to drink stinging nettle tea. However, this is not at all the case.

When you pour hot water onto the leaves, the stingers are quickly destroyed and they are no longer harmful. You can actually eat nettle leaves and many survivalists or wild campers do actually do so. But when you make tea, you can discard the leaves once they have stewed in the hot water for a few minutes.

Nettle tea actually tastes a lot better than you might imagine and has been used for hundreds of years. Even now, you commonly hear of it being taught on survival and outdoor training courses.

Wear some gardening or kitchen gloves. Then all you need to do is pick some of the young nettle leaves, which are usually found higher up the nettle stems.

These younger leaves are about 3 to 8 centimetres long and don't taste as bitter as the older more mature ones.

Keep your gloves on and give the leaves a quick wash under the tap. This will ensure you wash off any dirt or bugs that may be on the leaves (just like you would wash salad leaves). Then put them into a tea pot or a coffee cafetiere. Pour on boiling water and leave them to soak for about 4 or 5 minutes.

Using a tea strainer, or the cafetiere, pour out the liquid into a cup. You can add a little bit of honey if you prefer and drink away. A squirt of lemon juice in the tea also tastes delicious. Some people also add a few peppermint or other herbal leaves into the pot to make a tea combination.

Immune Boosting Program

You may also be interested in the program we have created specifically to boost the immune system. It contains a number of well-known herbs as well as some new ingredients which have been made available. Click here to see the information on the immune-boosting program.

Allergy relief - a natural approach can take a bit longer but is usually better long term

It is possible to get relief from allergies using natural remedies.

Sometimes it takes a little longer than drugs but the long-term benefits are worth it.

Drugs tend to suppress the symptoms and problems. They don't handle the real causes.

A detox might be the answer

More and more people are recognizing the benefits of doing a detox program.

By getting rid of harsh toxins and chemical build ups in the body, you are more likely to let your immune system concentrate on doing the normal everyday things even better.

If you need any more help or advice about these problems do let us know.

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