Some comments from Colin's diary:

"Well, today is the start of the weight loss program for me and I am very excited about it. Unfortunately I have gained a lot more weight than I had realised over the past few years. It was quite a shock to see the pictures of myself. I did not realise I looked quite so fat. I am very pleased that I have the opportunity to start this new program before it is released.

I have read the program and I am confident that I will lose weight. I have some goals and I am determined to reach them. I feel the program contains very sensible methods which will help to dramatically speed up my progress.

It is important to have some motivation for yourself. Something that will help push you through the more difficult times. It should eb something that you reaaly want for yourself. You have to picture in your mind how you want to look or how you want to feel after a certain time.

You should right down these goals or targets and look at them everyday. It is important to be honest and realistic with yourself. Don't set yourself an impossible task that will soon crash you. Give yourself a chance by setting something that is achieveable.

It might be to fit into a certain dress size down or a new pair of trousers. Or it may be to get more toned for a holiday or a wedding. Whatever it is make it something you want to achieve. Keep focused and motivated by this."

Tip - "I strongly recommend that you take some photographs of yourself. This may help to increase your motivation to do something, it did for me."

Here's a picture of this evening's meal (see below for the full day's food):

picture of a meal

Here is what I ate on this day:
bowl of organic porridge
made with powdered skimmed milk & water
2 scrambled egg whites
pinch of sea salt added
two glasses of filtered water
one capsule of slimming formula
cup of herbal tea
small tin of salmon
two heaped tablespoons of cooked cous cous
a few sun dried tomato pieces
a few long green beans chopped up a glass of filtered water
half a mango
a glass of filtered water
a half glass of apple juice with a heaped teaspoon of superfood
Evening meal (see picture above)
chicken breast chopped up and cooked in a little olive oil
with a clove of garlic and some tarragon herb added. A ready
made korma sauce was poured over and gently simmered for another
ten minutes.
bed of spinach and watercress leaves
heaped tablespoon of cous cous.
cup of herb tea
Late snack (if necessary)

During the day I also drank a few other glasses of water
Exercise - 20 minutes

(I try to make as many food items as possible organic.
 Complete details on the diet and all exercise secrets,
 are contained in the soon to be released program.)

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