What our products contain and why we add NO junk!

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing our products:

  • Our products contain NO artificial ingredients.
  • Our products contain NO sweeteners.
  • Our products contain NO flavourings.
  • Our products contain NO colourings.
  • Our products contain NO artificial chemicals.
  • Our products have a 100% money back guarantee

All of our health products are 100% full strength and are not diluted down or mixed with fillers.

All capsules are made from vegetable cellulose NOT animal sources or gelatin.

Capsules and tinctures contain NO gluten, wheat or lactose.

If you try our products you will notice the difference in strength and concentration. They should not be confused with weaker less effective brands.

Our Philosophy

Your health is important.

You need to use top quality health products to give yourself the best possible chance of achieving good health.

Not all health companies or products are the same. Here's why....

As more and more people become aware of the benefits of taking alternative health supplements, more and more companies start to sell these types of products.

To get the best out of any product you have to be certain that the product itself is a high quality one. This is not always as easy to find out as you might think.

One common tactic of some companies who use poor quality ingredients is to add lots and lots of different "healthy" ingredients to the product. This gives the impression that the product has "lots of things" in it. It makes the product sound better than it really is.

To get the specific benefits from a product or herb you have to take sufficient quantity of it. Tiny fractions of multiple herbs or vitamins found in many products will usually have a negligible effect.

Buy products from a company you can trust

As an example from the High Street, one product on the shelf described itself as Echinacea. In fact the product contained less than 25% Echinacea and the rest of the product was made up of fillers and fibre.

Personally I find this misleading and unethical. Another important factor is the actually quality of an ingredient. All of our herbs are certified organic and are freshly produced for maximum effectiveness.

We don't use any fillers or binders or any other additives in any of our products. You get 100% of the herb.

I do not want to sound critical of our competitors. In fact a number of other companies in our field do offer good products. I just want to point out to you that all products and health companies are not the same. Try us, you will not be disappointed.

We are here to help you

We always try our best and we always try to give excellent customer service and satisfaction.

I also sincerely believe in the quality of our products. I myself would never use inferior quality health products. My own health is too important to risk using anything less than the best. I have no hesitation in recommending our products to you.

I am convinced you can't buy these kinds of health products with better quality than ours. Because of this we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't agree that the quality of our products is excellent then just ask for your money back, with no questions asked!

If you are not ready to buy yet then I suggest that you at least sign up for our free newsletter and see whether what we say makes sense. You might be glad you did.

I have always tried to stay healthy, but back in 1997 I started looking around for answers to my own health problems. I always felt that there must be a way that I could feel even healthier than I did. This was when I discovered techniques such as detoxing as well as real organic herbal remedies. Prior to this I used to just rely on vitamins and minerals. These days if any one in my family has an ailment we handle it with a combination of good diet, cleansing, herbal remedies and having a positive outlook.

As well as this we always follow a basic supplementation program and use products such as Superfood and our Circulation formula on a daily basis. We also regularly do a detox program and anti-parasite cleanse at least once a year.

By having a firm foundation in place it is quite amazing how much more energy one can have and this means you can get more out of life and reap the rewards that good health brings.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and we will do all we can to help you in your quest for continued good health and longevity.

My sincerest best wishes for your good health,

Colin Harrison