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Amazing Olive Leaf
The olive tree is a small evergreen tree, with a slim trunk covered with greyish bark. It is native to the Mediterranean, (except Egypt), but it has been introduced and widely cultivated in warm climates around the world.

The parts used are the leaves, fruit and bark. However, the most popular supplement part for health purposes are the leaves.

Olive leaf is one of those special herbs that is an astringent. The word astringent comes from latin and it means "to bind". This term is given to any chemical, (natural or man-made) that tends to shrink or constrict the tissues in an area of the body. This can be very useful internally and externally. For example, olive oil is sometimes applied to burns to help with the regenerative processes in the body.

This also means that it has anti-inflammatory properties and it works at a cellular level, but it can reduce swelling in feet, growths and other complaints.

Natural antiseptic and immune properties

Olive is used for another reason and that is it is thought to act like a mild antiseptic. It may also reduce fever, and historically, it has been used in treating obstinate fevers (not easily overcome). Other studies have shown that Olive leaf can help to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Its ability to reduce high blood pressure for some people is perhaps what it has become most famous for. This also explains why many Mediterranean countries seem to have lower heart problems. They eat a different diet and more olives and olive oil.

By using a full spectrum supplement like ours, you don't get any of the downsides you may get if you consume too much olive oil.

It is a rather powerful all-round herb that has also been used to help boost energy levels and act as a cellular tonic. Many people, especially middle-aged and elderly, take it as an immune booster.

The truth about oleuropein

One of the key chemicals that has been found to be active is a bitter tasting compound called oleuropein. One of the things the studies showed was its ability to dilate the blood vessels. This allows the blood to flow around the body more easily. This in turn helps the body bring increased oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Within the compound oleurpein is an ingredient called elenolic acid and this has certain antiviral and antifungal properties.

There has been an unfortunate trend to create "standardized" olive leaf supplements, which try to create products with an artificially high oleuropein figure. Despite their best efforts, there is no way to create a specific standardized extract without damaging and removing many of the other useful compounds that olive leaf contains.

Nature gave us a great answer, don't spoil it!

Nature created the solution. We don't have to tamper with it, just to score a few points in people's minds when marketing. The whole leaf is best and that is what we provide - nothing is added and nothing is taken away.

100% natural products work in a holistic way. There are literally dozens of different naturally occurring compounds in olive leaf, most of which science has yet to fully understand. We do not concentrate on one at the expense of all of the others. Our philosophy is to provide health products like nature intended - it's as simple as that.

Mental tiredness and feeling worn down

olive leafAn interesting use in more recent times has been in helping a person who has lost their vitality and oomph.

One can sometimes feel mentally drained and lack that spark for life. Getting out of bed can seem like a bit of a drag. Some people have experienced a more relaxed frame of mind and more optimistic outlook.

It seems that it may have a positive effect on soothing the spirit and help overcome these down moments.

More recent studies regarding diabetes

As we have touched upon, olive leaf and its many naturally occurring compounds and enzymes seem to have a positive effect on blood flow, pressure and capillaries.

Apparently, recent reports suggest it may help regulate blood sugar levels. It does this by slowing down the absorption of excessively high sugars and starches that get into our bloodstream via the diets we consume. This allows these nutrients to be properly broken down and less fats are formed and sugar levels can have a lower band range between high and low.

This is beneficial as it helps reduce certain food cravings and common sense says it would lower the day to day strain on organs such as the pancreas and liver which are frantically trying to help digest our foods.

It's amazing what our organs manage to cope with. But, over time there can be negative effects if we don't look after ourselves properly.

Joints and flexibility connection

As the flow of healthy nutrients and blood improves in the body, the number of instances of joint pains reduces and flexibility increases. You should consider this supplement as part of an overall lifestyle and wellness program.

Uric acid levels get reduced, inflammations recover and general health improves whenever a determined effort is made to improve one's situation. Good food, sound sleep, controlled stress, exercise, water and the right supplements when needed can all have a positive impact.

All of these things work as a whole and lead to a healthier you. It may not happen overnight, but do the right things consistently over time and you will get the rewards you are seeking. Bodies naturally deteriorate over time, but they go downhill fast if they are abused. Conversely, they recover quickly if you create the conditions to allow this to occur. Good luck in reaching your health goals!

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