Damiana leaf has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries...

A small, strongly aromatic shrub which is mainly grown in South America. The leaves are used for therapeutic purposes. The leaves and stems are gathered when the plant is in flower and are then carefully dried.

damiana dried leaf
Damiana Herb
Damiana can act as a stimulant for the nervous system. Historically it has been used for many things.

Because it can boost the nervous system, it has been used to help with mild depression, mental stupor and nervous exhaustion.

Studies have shown that in some people it acts as an overall tonic for the body and can aid general physical weakness a person may feel.

A Popular Sexual Herb

Damiana's most famous use however is as an aphrodisiac. It has been considered to act as a natural mild stimulant for the reproductive system in both sexes.

It has gained repute especially in men, where impotence and sterility is associated with anxiety. It is a controversial herb in that for some the effect has been negligible, but for other the effect has been quite tangible and helpful.

Some have put this down to a placebo affect but the results suggest that the effect can be greater than just acting as a placebo.

Both men and women can use damiana because it can act for both sexes as an aphrodisiac. There can be many causes to the loss of libido, not the least of which can be stress and general tiredness.

Whilst this may necessitate some general lifestyle improvements, one can't discount the positive benefit that damiana may bring.

The Nervous System Benefits

Because it may act to improve natural electrical stimuli along the body's various nerve channels, damiana has also been used to assist in situations of poor digestion, along with constipation and lack of appetite.

Theories suggest that this may help to stimulate nerves in these areas. This is important because the digestive system relies on many sensory channels such as nerves, to enable the body to digest and absorb the nutrition it needs.

The more effective the nerves are at transmitting signals around the body, between the muscles and brain, the better the general health and blood supply in the area.

The knock on effect of this can be improved blood flow and faster hormonal responses, both of which may add to a positive libido (sex drive) improvement.

We would like to add that though this herb is often associated with the sex drive, that is just a positive by-product of the effects it can have for some.

We only make Damiana available in liquid form because we believe that for this particular herb, the liquid is the best.

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