Valerian is a popular natural relaxant

The plant is native to Europe and western Asia and it can now be found in the north-eastern states of America. The root is the most active part of this pretty pink flowering plant.

Valerian plantObviously it isn't, but in medieval times valerian was considered a cure-all. It was shown to be a rather effective natural tranquilliser and its active ingredients have been shown to produce a calming effect.

People often decide to take it before bedtime to help deal with mild sleeplessness.

A gentle assistance to the problem

As it is considered rather mild, it has become quite common to take it during the day to counter restlessness and nervousness.

Some suggest that its other uses include treating high blood pressure caused by stress, palpitations and it can be helpful for withdrawal from tranquillisers.

Do not take for long periods without examining your life to see what is making you so tense. Use it as a boost, but take steps to de-stress your life and restore a calmer state.

Look at the problems in your life and take action

As a side research project, I came across lots of potential methods to help deal with the amount of stress a person may have in their lives. This stress very often leads to higher blood pressure, feelings of anxiety, sleep issues and a whole range of other problems.

Many of the success stories I came across involved people who have taken a more holistic approach. They have confronted some of the issues that were making their lives more stressful. Perhaps it was finances, or relationships or something else.

Be positive and decide to do something about it

Whatever it was, they rolled up their sleeves and got on with it.

Another common realisation was that these people became more positive about things as they were making progress and felt empowered as they were doing something about it.

Diet, exercise, some supplementation when needed and developing a more positive frame of mind all brought tangible improvements and ultimately more energy, better sleep and a happier frame of mind.

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Valerian plant

Valerian is commonly used to help a person try and get a good nights sleep as naturally as possible. For most people this may be the case, but studies suggest that for a minority it may have the opposite effect. The old saying of try it and see is the only way to find out.

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