St.John's wort can be found in most parts of the world, though originally it was from Asia and Europe. Its leaves and yellow flowers secrete a blood-red juice, and this led to its use for cuts and wounds in the past. Its name comes from John the Baptist.

St. John's wortIt is highly valued for its treatment of mild depression, anxiety and in easing nerve pains after injury.

There are many more positive studies on the herb and it is suggested that you do your own research and reading if you are not yet convinced of its effectiveness.

There is nothing much worse than feeling down. Life becomes a struggle and one loses one's vigour and energy.

There are some other things that you can do and some of the simplest things include the following to help with depression and hopelessness.

None of these will necessarily be better than another but it may be worth looking into these and see if one or more provide some help.

Firstly, get some exercise and get your body moving. This doesn't mean you have to go to the gym. Just going for a walk a few times a week can make all the difference. What happens is that you can extrovert and this alone can help stop one from introverting and feeling down.

Consider watching less TV. This isn't meant to sound silly or pompous but is based on facts. People generally watch too much TV and much of it tends to be bad news. Learn to switch off a little more and do something more valuable with your time.

Improve your diet and cut out some junk food. Having better nutrition circulating throughout your body can help improve energy levels. Getting your body in shape and losing a few pounds can really make a difference in how you feel.

Incidentally, some of the many other uses of St.John's wort include: digestive pains and sleeping difficulties. Do not take during pregnancy and avoid intense sun exposure whilst using the herb as the skin can become more sensitive to light.

St John's Wort
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St. John's wort

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