Organic Alfalfa - It's a wonderful plant

Alfalfa has been used for many centuries to help give people energy and vitality. It is definitely a natural wonder-food.

alfalfa grassIt may help to cleanse the blood with regular use and studies have shown some benefits with cholesterol levels. It has also been shown to act as a mild detoxifier and even diabetics have said it has helped them.

The plant itself is not large. It usually grows to a height of 1 metre, but it can have a very deep root system. This root system can extend down to over 16 metres. This makes the plant able to withstand prolonged dry spells and its survival rate in desert and similar dry areas is very high.

It has many historic uses and continues to be popular

Further research into this plant very often throws up the facts of Ancient Arabs regularly using alfalfa to feed their horses to increase speed and endurance. They called it al-fac-facah, "father of every food". They introduced it to the Spanish, who changed the name to Alfalfa.

Historically both the Arab and Spanish horse breeders regarded alfalfa as one of the most important nutrients their stables could use. They prized it above all others to help maintain healthy, strong horses and other livestock.

Once the benefits of alfalfa were seen, people started to use it more and more for themselves! Often small amounts would be added to their meals. It was found that for people a highly nutritious part of the plants life cycle occurred as the seed germinated and before it reached a height greater than a few inches. In other words "alfalfa sprouts".

This has become a popular salad addition. In fact our alfalfa supplements are a concentrated version of this stage of the plant.

More data about its nutritional profile

It helps build up a persons energy and stamina levels and contributes to good all round health maintenance.

Alfalfa is high in chlorophyll, vitamin C, B1, B2 K and other nutrients and it helps to detoxify the system. It can assist the detoxification process, diabetics, digestive discomfort and joints and connective tissues. It has been shown to help reduce blood cholesterol levels and to clean blood passageways.

A cleansing herb

Apparently it has some natural cleansing effect on the kidneys and these organs are useful to help cleanse the blood of impurities and of course the urinary tract etc.

Research has shown that it may assist numerous female complaints, including water retention and similar issues

Alfalfa can generally be used freely but avoid if you have a history of lupus (various ulcerative skin diseases). Pregnant and nursing women should not consume more than the recommended amounts.

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