Detoxification and cleansing questions

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   What is detoxing and cleansing?

   Will I feel better after doing a cleanse/detox program?

   Is a cleanse/detox easy to do?

   Will I experience any adverse reaction whilst doing the cleanse/detox?

   Can I eat my normal diet?

   Will I like the taste?

   Should I buy capsules or powder?

Parasite Questions

   Why is it likely that I have parasites and toxins?

   Once I've done a cleanse/detox, how can I ensure I get no more parasites?

What is detoxing and cleansing?

Basically this is a process by which a person undergoes a program usually involving some diet change or supplement to the diet in order to try to eliminate from the body some of the toxins and parasites that can build up in the body over time.

Factually, we live in a chemical society with numerous potentially harmful chemicals all around us in our environment. They can be in our homes, place of work, shops, restaurants in fact everywhere. Over bodies are constantly eliminating harmful substances through the urine, bowel movements, sweat and breathing etc.

However, many toxins can remain in the body either lodged in the fat cells or in organs or intestines and it is important to try to help the body from time to time to eliminate these things.

A car can usually run a long time without an oil change but eventually this will cause excessive wear on the engine and the car could start to run poorly. A regular oil change and service can prolong effective operation etc.

Similarly for the body. We recommend a cleanse/detox program should be done at least once, preferably two or even three times each year.


Will I feel better after doing a cleanse/detox program?

You will feel the difference between before and after.

The products we sell have been carefully designed to give powerful results. We suggest that you start slowly and gradually increase the amounts taken. You should also improve your diet and exercise routine if necessary.

After first doing a mini program for a few days and getting a good result you should plan to do an even more thorough cleanse/detox perhaps a few weeks later. Simply by using the same products but increasing the quantities taken you can achieve an even better result.

You should refer to the program instructions for fuller details.


Is a cleanse/detox easy to do?

We have designed our program so that it is fairly straightforward to complete. Please note that the same program can be completed at different levels of intensity. By starting on a low intensity version of the program you give the body a chance to gradually eliminated unwanted substances/organisms.

If you dive in at the deep end then the body can have too much to do all at once and you could experience a "toxic rush". This could result in unpleasant headaches, lethargy and general uneasiness.

This can be a natural part of doing a cleanse but please take it easy. Find a level that is good for you and stick too it. You are the best judge of how your body is reacting. Just be sensible, go at your own pace. Start slow and progress quicker as you gain confidence and by sensing how your body reacts.


Will I experience any adverse reaction whilst doing a cleanse/detox?

Sometimes when you are trying to get rid of toxins from the cells of the body, too many get 'released' into the blood stream at once and this can upset your system a little. You may get an occasional headache or upset stomach or even feel misemotional. This is part of the process.

However, you must use common sense, a little flush that turns on then goes within a few minutes is ok but not if it lasts for much longer than that. If this is the case then you have released too many toxins into the blood in one go. Cut back on the program a little until you are doing better. Then slowly increase the amounts again but pay careful attention to any symptoms.

You may have taken years and years to build up these toxins in your system. Don't expect to get rid of all of them in an afternoon. It can take a few weeks or even a number of programs spread throughout the year to get a perfect result. However, don't underestimate the benefit of doing short program. This is far, far better than nothing at all.


Can I eat my normal diet when on the Cleanse?

The simple answer is yes.

However, without a doubt the potential benefits available will be enhanced by following a diet as healthily as possible.

Ones diet should consist of an all round well balanced combination of good wholesome foods. Try to ensure that you only eat fresh food. At the very least try to avoid eating too much junk food.

Whilst we believe that many people tend to eat too much meat, you do not have to be a vegetarian to do the Cleanse.

Everyone should try to eat some fresh fruit and vegetables at least once or twice each day. There are numerous school's of thought regarding diet but the simple truth is to eat what is in season, makes you feel good, is fresh, well-balanced nutritionally and is predominantly organic whenever possible.

We have numerous articles regarding diet throughout our website but always adopt a common sense approach.

Try what works for you. Some people can survive well on a diet of grains, raw foods and fruit. Whilst others need a wider variety. Never forget, the body is a tool and is meant to work for you. Don't become obsessed with your body but to get the best from it, you should try to take good care of it.


Will I like the taste?

The ingredients of Detox 1 can be too "hot" to the taste for many people and this is why they are only available in capsule form. Detox 1 should not be taken on an empty stomach. Take it with a meal or snack.

Detox 2 can quite easily be taken in the powdered form, mixed with water and perhaps a little juice to taste. The ingredients are not designed to taste nice but the actual taste of number 2 is quite pleasant to most people.

Some people will prefer to take capsules, some prefer powder mixed with water or juice.

Either way, sufficient water must be taken. Most people do not ordinarily consume enough water in their normal day. This is a well known fact. It is vital whilst taking number 1 and number 2 that plenty of water is drunk.


Should I buy capsules or powder?

Detox 1 is only available in capsule form. The ingredients in Detox 1 include cayenne which some people find a little hot in the mouth. This is why Detox 1 is only available in capsule form as it will then dissolve in the stomach. However, please make sure that you do not take Detox 1 on an empty stomach. Take it with a meal or a light snack and drink plenty of water.

Detox 2 is available in both capsule and powder form. The powdered variety is simply mixed with water or juice. In terms of the product there is no difference between powder or capsules. Some people prefer to take capsules as they do not wish to taste the product. Bear in mind though that during Detox 2 you will be taking approximately three to six capsules at a time, two to five times per day. Accordingly, some find powder to take than the capsules.

It really is a personal choice. Personally, we prefer the powder for Detox 2.

Some people with very sensitive bowels may find that their movements are too loose after only one capsule of Detox 1. People with colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease may find that occurs. If this is the case then they people should go straight onto Detox 2 without using Detox 1. Then if their bowel movements are not as regular, they should use Detox 1 at the same time, starting with one capsule per day.

Please make sure you consume plenty of fluids. You should drink a whole glass of water each time you take the capsules. You should drink at least 8 to 10 average sized glasses of water per day. Not enough water can lead to dehydration and constipation.


Why is it likely that I have parasites and toxins?

Certainly almost everyone who lives in a populated part of the world will have some toxins in their bodies. This is just by living a normal life in this chemical society in which we all live. But what about parasites?

Research has shown that the human body plays host to numerous other organisms, mostly bacteria, most of which are harmless and in fact help with the digestive process. However there are very often harmful bacteria in the system as well as liver flukes and intestinal flukes and worms of different types. Not everyone has these but many 'healthy' people do have them. It can sometimes be quite shocking but its better to know and do something than not know and do nothing!

As an example here is an article reproduced with kind permission of Ohio State and some horrible pictures:

Ascaris lumbricoides and Ascaris suum
(intestinal roundworms of humans and pigs)

Ascaris lumbricoides is one of the largest and most common parasites found in humans. The adult females of this species can measure up to 18 inches long (males are generally shorter), and it is estimated that 25% of the world's population is infected with this nematode. The adult worms live in the small intestine and eggs are passed in the faeces. A single female can produce up to 200,000 eggs each day!

About two weeks after passage in the faeces the eggs contain an infective larval or juvenile stage, and humans are infected when they ingest such infective eggs. The eggs hatch in the small intestine, the juvenile penetrates the small intestine and enters the circulatory system, and eventually the juvenile worm enters the lungs. In the lungs the juvenile worm leaves the circulatory system and enters the air passages of the lungs. The juvenile worm then migrates up the air passages into the pharynx where it is swallowed, and once in the small intestine the juvenile grows into an adult worm.

Why Ascaris undergoes such a migration through the body to only end up where it started is unknown. Such a migration is not unique to Ascaris, as its close relatives undergo a similar migration in the bodies of their hosts (view diagram of the life cycle). Ascaris infections in humans can cause significant pathology. The migration of the larvae through the lungs causes the blood vessels of the lungs to haemorrhage, and there is an inflammatory response accompanied by edema. The resulting accumulation of fluids in the lungs results in "ascaris pneumonia," and this can be fatal.

The large size of the adult worms also presents problems, especially if the worms physically block the gastrointestinal tract. Ascaris is notorious for its reputation to migrate within the small intestine, and when a large worm begins to migrate there is not much that can stop it. Instances have been reported in which Ascaris have migrated into and blocked the bile or pancreatic duct or in which the worms have penetrated the small intestine resulting in acute (and fatal) peritonitis. Ascaris seems to be especially sensitive to aesthetics, and numerous cases have been documented where patients in surgical recovery rooms have had worms migrate from the small intestine, through the stomach, and out the patient's nose or mouth.

ascaris worm
A female Ascaris lumbricoides. Females of this species can measure over 16 inches long. This specimen was passed by a young girl in Florida. (Original image from DPDx [Identification and Diagnosis of Parasites of Public Health Concern].)

adult ascaris worm
Female and male Ascaris lumbricoides; the female measures approximately 16 inches (40 cm) in length.</p>


ascaris bolus worm
A large mass of Ascaris lumbricoides that was passed from the intestinal tract. The ruler at the bottom of the image is 4 cm (about 1.5 inches) in length.


Once I've done a cleanse/detox, how can I ensure I get no more parasites?

Unfortunately, parasites and toxins are a fact of life. However you can do quite a lot to minimise the chances of getting "attacked".

Firstly ensure that any fish or meat that you eat is properly cooked. Parasites are often found in raw meat and fish and by proper cooking you can kill them off. Try to maintain good hygiene whenever preparing food and do not bring uncooked foods anywhere near meat or fish when you are preparing foods such as salads etc which will not get cooked.

Ideally you should minimise the amount of meat that you eat and follow a predominantly vegetarian diet.

Ensure that you and all of your family and work colleagues etc. thoroughly wash their hands after visiting the bathroom.

If you have pets you should avoid facial contact with any of them and always ensure animal excreta is quickly disposed of in a safe manner.

Try to stop biting your nails or putting your fingers near your mouth etc. especially if you have contacted pets, soil, meat or other areas that possibly could contain parasites.

It is important to realise that parasites, disease and viruses prefer to live in an unhealthy body. They thrive on people's abuse of their own body. So by eliminating all or most by doing a cleanse and .