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There can be psychological as well as physical factors regarding impotence. Sometimes this can be quickly resolved. At other times it can become a more chronic condition, especially if it isn't "fixed" quite quickly.

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Frustration and Impotence
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Can stress and anxiety affect performance?
How to get your blood pumping

Can stress and anxiety affect performance?

A problem can occur when anxiety and stress sometimes lead to sexual disinterest and then impotence.

This isn't always apparent straightaway and it can creep up on someone over time.

male stressStudies have clearly shown that some mens' sexual desire and erectile matters can be affected if there are too many life stresses occurring.

At times this can simply be realised by the person and he can correct those things that are causing stress, especially emotional stress. By improving the various stressful situations in his life, a man can quickly overcome his lack of sexual desire or capability.

It is almost like the body is giving off its own warning mechanism and telling the person that there are situations or things that need to be handled.

Increased stress can also reduce the amount of good quality sleep that a person gets. This further reduces the energy available and this lack of energy as well as all one's mental attention being on the problems causing stress, can rapidly cause a loss of libido and contribute to impotence.

Sometimes the cause of stress can be hidden because you end up further stressing over the lack of sexual desire and activity. All your attention goes onto this instead of the root cause.

How to get your blood pumping

At a physical level an erection occurs when additional blood enters the many blood vessels in the penis and hence an increase in size occurs.

nerve signalsThe usual sequence of activities that occurs is that the man gets sexually aroused somehow and the brain sends signals to the hormonal glands via nerve channels. These glands release natural chemicals which further encourage blood flow in the area and this causes further stimulation.

This information is relayed back and the process continues.

So as you can see, there are a number of possible ways this can breakdown.

Bad neural pathways and nerve channels may not allow these signals to pass freely. There could be poor blood circulation in general in the genital area. There could be excess fatty tissues in the body or are which can make the body act in a sluggish manner.

Whilst athletes and people with apparent fit and healthy bodies can experience impotence, it is usually more common in an inactive and unhealthy body. So diet and exercise can certainly play a part.

As well as the possibility of increasing blood flow internally by improving diet and possibly taking certain supplements, it may be possible to improve the blood flow using external procedures. Also don't forget that too much alcohol or smoking can also cause sexual performance problems.

These can include gentle massage to the general area, particularly to the scrotum, buttocks, groin and thighs as well as lower back. This can help improve the blood flow to the genital area over time.

Another possible thing to try is using warm water and then cool water over any affected area that you wish to improve the blood circulation to.

BUT you have to be careful and sure that you do not use water that is too hot or cold. You will find more information about this on the internet and on our circulation article pages.

SO by improving blood flow, by external and internal means, reducing stress in your life, getting some exercise, improving your diet and getting enough rest, you may soon overcome the majority of impotence problems.

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