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Life can get tough at times and certain things can have a bad effect on our well being and lead to sickness and disease. You body can fight back and it will, if it is allowed to:

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Make your Body Stronger Inside
How your attitude affects things
What is the Lymphatic System?
The Immune Boosting Program
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Your Immune system and blood supply are linked
How stress and upsets can make you ill
Make things easier for your Immune system
Herbs to help your immunity

Your Immune System and blood supply are linked

Disease or illness often follows any "blockage" in the body's intricate internal mechanisms. Therefore another defence against disease is to regularly get your body MOVING!

This means moving the body muscles as in regular exercise as well as moving the internal involuntary muscles.

The reason this is important is that the human body has evolved over thousands and thousands of years and it is designed to be used. The body responds well to regular exercise of various kinds and this helps to stimulate the body and keep it in good condition.

The exercise you do need not be very strenuous. You don't have to run a marathon every day to see improvements.

For example, just 20 minutes or so of walking per day can make a noticeable difference. Exercise can take many forms, such as walking, swimming, sex, yoga, gardening, tidying the house as well as running or cycling etc.

a brisk walk gets the blood pumping

All of these things improve blood supply to the areas of the body. This helps bring the various immune cells in contact with the invaders so they can protect you.

Use common sense and don't do anything too difficult straight away. Once you become more aware of making sure you use the body a little bit more, it is quite easy to find things to do.

Why is it so important to move the body around a bit?

Large internal muscles make up the walls of the esophagus, the stomach, alimentary canal, colon, bladder and other internal organs. When these are working normally, and moving the food through the body, the body's Immune System works efficiently.

Two or three bowel movements per day will ensure that the body's Defence System is not put under any excess strain. Any less frequency in bowel movements can cause putrid material to leak into the body cavity. Having less frequent bowel movements has a knock on effect to the internal health of your body and it will weaken because it spends lots of unnecessary time and energy handling things that shouldn't need handling. Eventually this can lead to even more serious consequences.

The Lymph system is closely connected to helping to eliminate wastes from cells. So improved blood supply to and from an area, as well as better lymph system drainage, all improve through movement!

Get your blood flowing around your body

Internal valves regulate the flow of the lymphatic fluids but it takes some degree of BODY MOVEMENT to get the system working efficiently. These various reasons are is why it is so important to MOVE. If you have a sedentary job such as in an office, make a little time to walk around the office at least every couple of hours.

Go hiking through forests and get back to nature

Any form of Exercise is better than none. Surprisingly, studies have found that walking is almost as good in this respect as running and going to the gym! Research has shown that the movement that produces one of the fastest lymph flows is DEEP BREATHING!!! You can do this when you walk.

A few times each day take a few minutes and just quietly practice some deep breathing. This can be very refreshing :-)

The blood stream and the lymphatic system work closely together to maintain optimum health in the body.

This is why we developed our Circulation Formula together with our Immune Formula and these can have a very positive effect on your system.

How stress and upsets can make you ill

The mind has a lot to do with the health of your body. Stress can sometimes make you feel mentally worn down. This can send the wrong kind of signals to the body and if this lasts too long, the defence mechanisms of the body can begin to be weakened.

It is a bit of a catch 22 situation. Stress can weaken you or drain you mentally. This leads to more tiredness and fatigue. This in turns makes one more susceptible to illness or injury.

If an illness or cold or flu or similar develops, this puts further demands on the immune system which further weakens things.

It is almost like you need something to help snap you out of this cycle. This is one of the reasons why things can soon get on top of you if you are not careful. It is also why we always suggest to clients to do whatever you can to try and maintain a positive outlook on life. It is also why we developed our Program - to give you a lift up and help you get things back on track.

It is worth mentioning that not all stress is necessarily bad. It can be good to push yourself, either through exercise or doing challenging tasks etc. If this is done sensibly and on a nice steady progression it can really strengthen you up both physically and mentally.

Problems can arise if too much is done or taken on all in one go. So common sense is needed.

Make things easier for your Immune System.

We suggest that you look into doing a cleanse / detox. - Click here for details.
The defence system of the body starts with the skin - a waterproof layer containing bacterial sweat and other protective secretions. It is important to allow the skin to breathe and not cover it with harmful chemicals or non absorbent clothing. Internally the body surface is covered with layers of mucus produced by the cells lining the nose, throat and lungs and other organs. There are various special organs such as the adenoids, tonsils and others that filter off and handle bacteria. The blood system supplies the cells with nutrients and is pumped by the powerful heart muscles.

Herbs to help your immunity:

This formula is made up of five herbs, each one known for its immune strengthening qualities.

It contains Echinacea, Astragalus, Ginseng, Barberry and Ginger.

Echinacea increases the levels of a chemical called properdin in the body which activates part of the immune system responsible for increasing the defence mechanisms against bacteria and viruses.

This Chinese herb is often regarded as Asia's answer to America's echinacea. Studies have shown it to have certain potent anti-viral properties and helps boost white blood cell fighting properties.

This is a well known energy booster and has been used to help with weakness, fatigue, increasing and as an all round system tonic for both males and females.

As well as its defensive properties, it is commonly used to cleanse and detox the body, helping to fight off infection and has anti-aging properties.

The above 4 ingredients are the main items in the formula. A small amount of ginger (approx 10%) is added to the formula to provide a perfect balance of boosting properties. Ginger is well known as an aid for digestion and for stimulating the blood and it complements the others.

Circulation formula
This is made up of the four herbs Ginger, Garlic, Ginkgo & Cayenne. Each one is highly regarded as a circulation boost in its own right.

It has a warming effect on the body and this is excellent for circulatory problems and it helps alleviate cold hands and feet. Ginger is also well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and hence its treatment for joints and connective tissues.

It is well known as a herb that helps strengthen the heart. But that is not all. Studies have shown that it can help promote a stronger immune system and help to cleanse the blood of a range of infections.

It has often been called a natural anti-biotic, but it also helps maintain healthy bacteria in the gut, tending to act only on invasive elements.

Historic uses have also been to use garlic to help cleanse wounds and cuts in battles, such is its antiseptic powers. Any body defence building program should include garlic, either raw, or including a supplement to ensure positive action is maintained towards better health.

Ginkgo Biloba
The leaves are used to treat poor circulation and the resulting effects of this. Ginkgo, improves blood flow and can actually strengthen blood vessels. It is recommended for anyone with poor circulation

This is a magical herb and has numerous external and internal uses. Internally cayenne is considered one of the best circulatory stimulants. It stimulates all parts and systems involved with blood flow. Its stimulating properties also extend to the digestive system, by stimulating the flow of saliva and stomach secretions.


Therefore the way to support your Immune system is to adopt a positive frame of mind, move the body and have regular bowel movements. Proper nutrition also pays a big part in supporting this important system and the right herbs mentioned below can be used not only to support the body when it is overloaded but also to aid the Lymph and Digestive Systems too.

Herbalists for thousands of years have researched and used nature's products to bring about health and improve the body's ability to fight disease. These combined with a good wholesome diet and regular exercise will build maintain your Immune System, naturally.

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How to boost your immunity

healthy bloodHere's more data about how to be able to fight off all kinds of ills.

You can put your body into much better condition to be able to take care of itself. Help your body and it will help you.